I hear some hosts send guests things in the mail, specifically hosts selling their used panties via the mail; I think that is illegal though in the U.S. Even though I hear the panties are wrapped in Zip-lock-like plastic bags, I still don’t think the panties will get to the recipient nice and fresh–probably more like very stinky! But some people like stinky too! To each one’s own.

The only bonuses I like to give my guests at work are lots of very explicit nude pics of me–which you can only see if you join my ImLive Fan Club, and video recordings of me doing all sorts of X-rated things. I want to do a fetish line of recordings as well. I’ll really work on all this when I get back from my vacation.

That’s when I really want to “step up my game” to perhaps be an ImLive Hall of Famer: More video recordings and working longer hours for starters.