Ariana said,

June 5, 2008 @ 2:35 pm

im 13 and i hate my pubic hair so i first cut it down and it grew back so i shaved and plucked it. im wondering whether to carry on plucking for im not sure its good. Should i carry on becauses it takes along time and hurts sometimes?Or should i start shaving?

Dear Ariana,

Thanks for asking!  I love answering questions.   Well first of all of course I should remind you that really there is no reason to hate your pussy hair — I mean it is natural to have and can be perfectly pretty.  But if you really don’t like it then there is nothing wrong with removing it also.

I’d guess that as a 13 year old your pussy hair is probably quite sparse and fine.  In that case plucking is just fine and probably a good way to go.  It’s a bit like waxing after all, but less efficient as you do one hair at a time instead of all in one go.

The main advantage of waxing (or plucking) over shaving is that it lasts a lot longer, AND you are permenantly retarding the growth of your hair.  After a long period of regular waxing some of the hair roots will give up and stop growing at all.  If you wax or pluck hairs every time they appear then by the time you are 20+ you’ll find you have very little pussy hair anyway.

Now the down side of course it that waxing is painful, and plucking is painful and tedious as you stated.  There isn’t really any way out of that except perhaps taking your mind off of it — I mean while your hands are in that area how about stroking yourself and getting into a better mood as a reward to yourself for all the hard work you are doing!