x-concerned-x said,

June 17, 2007 @ 8:00 am 

Hey paige, i shaved my pussy bout 5 days ago now and it was soo smooth for that day and i applied dove moisterisa on it after, the next day it started gettin bumpy and day after that my hair started cumin bak through so it’s bristly and i have bumps and sum red spots around, should i wait before i shave again, and is there anyway which i can stop this from happening??



Dear Concerned,

 Wait until all the bumps have gone before trying to shave again.  It may take a week.

Each time you shave the period of red bumps will get shorter, until finally it doesn’t happen. How long this will take of course depends on your individual skin, some people it is just two or three shaves — others may take several months.

 Watch out for any infection or wounds and apply an antiseptic cream if necessary to avoid any scaring.  You want your mound to have perfect skin when it’s bare!