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How To Shave My Pussy

Since I wrote about shaving my pussy, for my work as a webcam model , a lot of readers seem to be interested in how to shave so I thought I’d do another post about it, answering people’s questions: Dear Paige, How...

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To Shave or Not to Shave

When I decided I wanted to be an adult webcam host, I had a full–but neatly trimmed–pubic hair bush. I debated whether I should keep it or shave it, wanting to go by what the majority of my guests would like, since...

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Pussy Shaving Questions

I’m really on a shaving roll here, since I wrote about shaving my pussy for my work as a webcam model I get a lot of visitors to my blog from search engines, where they have been searching about pubic shaving.  It’s...

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