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Category: Webcamming

The Business of Chat

It looks as though those of us who chat for business might even have a new line available, one were we get to keep out clothes on (if we so wish).  Retail online shops are finding that if customers can chat to someone at the...

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Great webcam sex work forum

If you haven’t seen it already you should read the forum mentioned here.  I’ve joined up and it seems a great resource both for chathosts and webcam models as well as for viewers of cam sites. They know all about...

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I Love Being a Sex Worker!

Sabrina in Stockings has brought up a very good topic. I recently began my life as a sex worker a few months ago, and so far, I haven’t had any issues with anyone about it. But that’s mainly because I have no friends...

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Webcam Work

Wow! Today is so slow at work! I guess I should take more photos of myself as I wait for more traffic. I want to make my pictures look really professional. I just put in some fluorescent lights; in my opinion, I think they are...

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