Danielle said,

April 4, 2009 @ 6:25 pm

Hey! I tried to shave and I got a lot of bumps. My boyfriend likes it when its shaved but everytime I shave it gets bumpy. And then it looks extremely ugly. So what should I do? I have to shave or he’ll hate eating me out. And if I do shave i get ugly red bumps. I have tried different moisturizers and different shaving creams but all they do is burn. So I’m really confused.
If I let my hair grow back, it hurts like hell. And its so itchy. Please help!!!
Oh and for the guys who are wondering whether its hot or not to shave, i think its pretty hot and if your trying to give a blowjob, it gets pretty sick when your face keeps hitting those little hairs like ever 3 seconds. so PLEASE shave! and PLEASE help me!!!

Danielle, it looks like you have a common problem that most of us have had at one point in our shaving career.  Normally right at the start.  Once you have been shaving for years and are well over this stage it can be hard to remember how horrible it was at the time.

What you are seeing is part of the shaving cycle.  First you shave and all the hairs are cut off, very close to the skin, and at that point each individual hair root has been irritated and will start to react and swell into a little bump.

I call this the “chicken skin look” and is an ugly and annoying stage we have to get through.   If moisturizer is burning you then you are probably shaving TOO close.  At least initially you have to give the skin some more space and so that means not such a close shave.  This will not be good for getting eatened, he (or she) will get tongue burned so don’t do this for a date, just for practice.

The reason it hurts when the hair grows back is that the skin around each hair has probably got a tiny cut or abrasion and so the growing hair is stretching that skin out.   A soak in a hot bath to soften the skin would be the answer here if cream doesn’t work for you, but again if you don’t shave so close at first then this shouldn’t happen.

So the summerize the plan:

  1. Shave not so close so your skin gets used to it, at first only WITH the direction of the hair growth
  2. Soak in hot water to relieve itching as hair regrows
  3. As your skin gets used to it start shaving closer.  Only when you can shave without any irritation the next day start to shave AGAINST the hair growth direction.

It may take a while, I mean shaving every 3 or 4 days for several months, before you are ready to do the closest shave without getting burned.

Sorry if that’s not a quick answer but I believe it’s the best way!