To Shave or Not to Shave

When I decided I wanted to be an adult webcam host, I had a full–but neatly trimmed–pubic hair bush. I debated whether I should keep it or shave it, wanting to go by what the majority of my guests would like, since it’s not something one can constantly and quickly switch back and forth, from bald to full bush at a moment’s notice. I had to make my decision carefully.

I stayed full bush for about my first two weeks as a live adult host. I got good traffic, but seeing as about 95% hosts, including all top hosts, are shaved, I decided to do the smartest thing:

I did shave my pussy, BUT I took a lot of pictures of my full bush and added them in my exclusive photo gallery in my ImLive Fan Club. This way, most guests are happy that my pussy is clean shaven, and the rest of my guests are happy to have erotic, hot pics of my full bush forever!

I personally could go either way: I love both shaved and full bush, but my guests are the ones I want to please most in this matter.

I don’t like landing strip pubic hair or other designs. It’s either keep all hair and just trim it, or shave it off completely.

I shave using several things, depending on my mood: disposable razors, changeable manual razors, and electric razors. The wax jobs, lasers, and creams just don’t interest me. Unlike most women, when I shave, I never feel itchy, even when my hair is growing back. I just use soap and water if using a non-elctric razor, and the most basic powder if using an electric shaver.

I love being clean shaven during the hot summer, but prefer a full bush to help keep my pussy warm in the cold winter! I don’t know, maybe it doesn’t make that much a difference buit at least psychologically, my pussy feels cooler when it’s bald and warmer with a full bush.

I’m not sure when I’ll go back to a full bush again. If I was not an adult entertainer, I would do full bush every once in a while, and most likely have a full one now. Maybe if having a full bush becomes really popular again, I’ll grow back my pubic hair for live shows, but until then, as long as I’m an adult webcam girl, it would probably be best to stay shaven.


  1. Bad Bad Girl, Actually I’ve been using a regular disposable for quiet a while now, but just bought a battery-operated shaver called Ladyfair. I recently threw out my old electric one….If the battery one is better than electric, I’ll stick with the battery shaver. Damn! I forget the brand of my old electric shaver.

  2. I am constantly on the lookout for ladies who keep themselves natural down there. I have to accept the unhappy fact that most men, and most of your customers, are going to want to see you shaven. But if only 5 or 10 per cent of the men prefer natural bushes, then shouldn’t 5 or 10 % of the adult performers give those guys what they want?

    Unfortunately, all (or almost all) of the women in the adult industry are trying to appeal to the majority – which is understandable. All you see out there are cold, bald genitals that look like models for a gynecology textbook. And that means that those of us who really love the appearance of a soft, warm, natural pussy are left out in the cold, so to speak. It’s very sad.

  3. I just wanted to say as a host i feel the same way. I shaved about a month ago and hated it. I felt like i was sick of some kind of disease. It’s so not natural and i don’t understand why the majority like. so i’m growing back my hair and will keep it trimmed and bikini shaved. But shaving it all of is just a little to much for me. I hated looking at my lips from the mirror i look like i about to go into surgery or something. LOL I rather have less clients dedicated clients than the majority, cause unshaved is just not for me.

  4. I don’t know how old you are Stan, but you may want to look for older women–at least 40-something, in the Baby Boomer age range. They grew up with full bushes so maybe many still stay that way. Good luck!

  5. Hygienically speaking, a bald pussy may be better, especially during the hot summer and during that time of the month….I can see both sides, but I probably lean more toward a shaved pussy. For one thing, for me personally, I get aroused more with a bald pussy because everything touches my skin so easily with no hair to block it.

  6. i just shaved my pussy today and I LOVE IT. It is soooo sensitive to everything. I love the way it looks and how smooth it is. I can’t wait to get eaten out. I’ve been coming just by walking.

  7. well u can sleepover my house and we can have fun plus we can have sex and be bisexual!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. feels everything is right!!!. i wish someone would have told me that my pussy feels so smooth and sensitive when shaven. any other tips you could share ladies?

  9. oh yeah i would love the sleepover, sounds like lots of fun. i’m really good at lots of things. maybe you could show me shaving techniques?

  10. really nice how to shave my pussy whats the sight that the webcam is on please tell me i love looking and licking and fingering pussy please tell what sight its on

  11. i shaved my downstairs a while ago too: – ) but the after feelings when its growing back in is just so fucking bad so i stopped shaving my downstairs.

    The reason i shaved my pussy is cause my friends and i made a bet and if one of us lost we would have to shave our pussys.

    And get this unfortunatly i had to be the 1 to loose the bet : – ( it sucked so bad

  12. I work on webcam on imlive — you can see the link to it above right — but I’m not telling you which one I am, you have to guess. 🙂

    As for problems with hair growing back, most people get itching, the solution is don’t let it grow back!

    I’m sad to hear that it’s the LOOSING thing in a bet — why shouldn’t it be winner gets to shave?

  13. i was just wondering if u could help me. i have a guy that has said he would like it shaved or trimmed and i really don’t see my self shaving down there. also i dont have the time to keep it shaved so i was wondering if you could tell me how to/how i should trim it. could u please help. thanks

  14. Well it depends what you mean by trimming — that can just mean clipping of a few stray hairs at the bikini line. But if the guy wants “shaved or trimmed” he probably means “trimmed similar to shaved” — e.g. as you see many models do.

    If that’s the case then shaving is actually easier and less time consuming that trimming — because you don’t have to watch the line and maintain the pattern. It’s just whiz whiz whiz back and forth and you’re done.

    Really I spend less than 5 minutes a day shaving — once you are shaved it’s easy to maintain. If you want fast then an electric one is not so close but in 30 seconds twice a day you can keep it a smooth as your guys chin!

    If you have to trim then get a beard clipper and do the whole thing over at a depth of maybe 5mm, then shave down the sides to leave a small strip. It’s best to shave the part nearest your clit and leave the hair higher up. That leaves the “naked slit” look that is what most guys seem to be looking for.

  15. so from the sounds of it shaving is better off. if that is the case then what would u prefer…a razor or electric razor or what?

  16. You have to start with a razor, no question there. Clip until short with bead trimmer or sizzors, then lots of warm water and soap and a brand new good quality wet razor.

    After it’s off then using an electric for daily maintenance is one way to go, though I use wet shaving myself I have friends who are happy with electric.

    Remember though that the first time may not be great, for many people it takes a while for the skin to get used to it. Give it at least two weeks before deciding if you like it.

    Let us know how it goes, and how your boyfriend likes it! Do that first shave as close as possible to the time you are going to have sex so that the super-smooth effect is there. After a few hours stubble starts and it’s not so impressive to the touch though it still looks fine.

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