You know what I get tired of hearing, and what’s worse, poor guys falling for it? It’s when women talk about wanting a guy with a huge, thick cock.


Those women: Have you ever had a huge cock? The 10 inch variety (that seems like the most common size women “want”) and very thick?

I bet not.

If you did, your pussy would probably be very sore and torn–that is if you are as tight as you always say you are.

Getting penetrated by a huge dick is very painful and some women are honest enough to say so. Sure you can relax, and it will help but still it’s going to be sore; even many porn stars have said they actually prefer medium-sized cocks on the set and off, because the large ones hurt.

So those women lusting after big dicks: Stop bullshitting about how great gigantic cocks are; you’ve been watching way too many X-rated films. There’s a good reason porn stars are called actors.

As long as the cock feels good in me, that’s what really matters for me.