How To Shave My Pussy

Since I wrote about shaving my pussy, for my work as a webcam model , a lot of readers seem to be interested in how to shave so I thought I’d do another post about it, answering people’s questions:

Dear Paige,

How should I shave my pussy, and why should I shave it? Will it make a difference to sex?


Full Bush in Fremont

Dear Full Bush,

There are lots of ways to shave your pussy, but I recommend if the hair on your pussy is really thick and long, you should start by using scissors and cut off as much of the hair as you can with it. This will make it a much easier job when you then use a razor to finish getting off the rest of the hair.

After the scissors, I would take a nice, sharp razor (even a disposable will do; a plain, cheap, disposable razor works for me but many of you, you may want to get a fancier shaver. Try several shavers out and pick the best two choices for you.) and shave in the shower, but first make sure your pubic hair is well saturated with water as this will soften up the pubic hairs and make it much easier to shave completely off.

Another great way is to get a thick, wet washcloth and wet it with very warm water, then apply it to your pussy for a few minutes. This will also make it easier to shave the rest of your pussy hair. Always use a sharp, preferably new, razor.

How you position yourself when you shave is up to you. Do whatever you feel is comfortable. I have even shaved sitting on the toilet (not while using the toilet of course!) My legs are spread out and my pussy hair just drops conveniently in the toilet. No mess. No fuss.

Many people use shaving cream while shaving their pussy. It’s your choice but I would never use any chemicals or anything artificial ingredients. Always try to go with 100% all natural ingredients for shaving creams in case your skin is very sensitive and should lessen irritation. Shaving cream with aloe is very good. I just use good quality soap, which works fine for me.

Pick a spot to begin shaving and move the razor over your pussy using long, even strokes with the hair grain. Try not to go over the same patch of skin twice and do not use aggressive strokes; both ways may cause skin irritation. Be very careful when approaching the hard to shave places, like the bottom part of the pussy and just inside the outer pussy lips.

After you have finished going over your pussy once, rinse the entire pussy area to get a better look to see if you missed any hair. Shave over those areas if necessary.

You can apply a moisturizing cream on your pussy to help combat bumps and to help keep your pussy skin smooth and soft.

How often you shave depends on you. I shave every other day to keep my pussy pretty nice and smooth. Just be sure to have lots of time to shave; you never want to be in a hurry and possibly nick your pussy skin!

I guess most women experience at least some itchiness after shaving, although I never have. Using a nice moisturizer should help feelings of itchiness.

I find electric shavers don’t really do a good job in getting a close shave. Plus, shaving the difficult areas might be awkward with electric. Several men have told me they prefer a razor because razor-shaved skin feels so much smoother after they use it.

Why should you shave, and will it make a difference in sex? Well, going all natural IS sexy, in my opinion, but going bald makes for a more pleasant oral sex experience for both partners. I don’t know any person who loves getting pussy hairs stuck on their tongue or caught in their throat (Did you ever see the TV episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm when Larry went down on his wife and got a pubic hair stuck in his throat? He kept hacking throughout the entire episode. It’s so funny!)

Many men are turned on by the sight of a smoothly shaved pussy. To some men, a shaved pussy is very erotic. It’s silky-feeling, inviting and very sexy. Your pussy will feel the slightest touch when bald and make you go wild! It’s a more intense, erotic feel when your pussy is completely shaved.

By the way, recent paparazzi photos seem to confirm that both Paris Hilton and Britney Spears  shave, as well as go panty-less. It’s nice to know I have things in common with the rich crowd–now if only I had their money too!

Try it out. If you don’t like the way your pussy looks–no problem. Just let your pubic hair grow back.

Yours truly,


Christmas Day

Christmas came early for me! I got several cool gifts three days before Christmas. Actually, I paid for some but who cares? From Adam & Eve, I got a CyberGlass Indulgence dildo. It comes in a velvety bag! It’s SO GORGEOUS!

Also, being bisexual, I ordered a giant 2007 poster calendar from Adam & Eve featuring 3 of the hottest adult female stars in the business now! They are Carmen Luvana, Sophia Lynn, and Ava Rose.

Also from them, I got a free adult DVD, and a free surprise gift.  This gift is a Whistle Willie. It’s a plastic real whistle, about 7 inches long; in the middle, it’s see-through hollow-plastic filled with penis shaped candy gum!


Jay and I got a large cat scratch post furniture and fresh grass for our cats, Jesper and Pippi. The furniture has three  main bases–one shaped like a tunnel and the other above and below are flat bases.

They love it!

This is what I got:

1. The 40th Anniversary Collector`s Edition of The Prisoner Series. If I only got this gift for Christmas, I would have been a happy camper. I LOVE this show!

2. Five pairs of hiking socks.

3. An iPod Nano with a carrying case.  

4. A sloth ceramic coffee mug.

5. A sloth keychain.

6. Two sloth stuffed animals.

7. A humorous book on cats called Bad Cat. This is really funny!

8. A book guide to cult films. I’m a big lover of indie and cult films.

We had a great dinner as well: turkey, Tofurkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry, sweet corn, and French bread.

Jay and I just exchanged gifts early, ate, then just hung out at home. It was a quiet and very nice Christmas.

I Love Being a Sex Worker!

Sabrina in Stockings has brought up a very good topic.

I recently began my life as a sex worker a few months ago, and so far, I haven’t had any issues with anyone about it. But that’s mainly because I have no friends yet where I live, except my boyfriend, and he doesn’t care what I do as long as I can support myself financially.

Being an adult webcam worker is my first job where I live now, and before that, for several years now, I’ve always been self-employed, and hopefully–prayerfully–intend to stay that way because of my love for being my own boss and having as less authority to deal with in my life as possible.

So, regarding my love life and professional life, I’m doing great. But now comes the what may be a difficult part.

I want to make new friends so I placed an ad for female friends about a week ago. The meeting is coming up soon. I said in the ad that I’m looking for open-minded people who loves sexy movies–words something like that. I don’t want tight-assed prudish people as friends, but I don’t want the type that would have sent me pussy pics of them after reading my ad. I want classy, but sexy friends.

Jay said I should also make mainstream friends as well, which will be harder to make, because that’s when the harsh judgment can really start.

For now, I want to start off with some real kindred spirits–people who are either in the adult sex industry, or people who at least don’t give a damn what I do, as long as I’m happy.

I’ll keep you posted on that first meet–coming up soon.

By the way, I DEFINITELY am not in the sex industry just for the money. I LOVE IT! And I want to stay involved in it until I retire.

More Great Last Minute Sex Gifts That I Like

I have some (more) last minute Christmas shopping gift items to tell you about. The first one is from My Messy Bedroom.

In general, The Smart Girl’s Guide to Porn is a really great book, especially for newbie female porn lovers. The one thing that interests me most in the book is how the author, Violet Blue, tell people how to find real orgasms in porn; this is tricky but fun to try and detect. I have seen what I strongly believe are bonifide orgasms in adult films, and some have been confirmed as true from adult stars in interviews who mention other adult performers who really do orgasm, like Chloe, one of my long-time favorite adult stars! After watching so much porn, I can tell real orgasms most times. But it would be very interesting to read what Violet says. Maybe I’ll just read that chapter in the bookstore, because I really don’t want the book.

I love the porn film-titles spoofs. It must be a lot of fun creating real porn titles from mainstream film titles.

The Naughty Crosswords by Nerve looks cool. I like to do mainstream crosswords, and I would love to do the naughty one!

The other place to look for last-minute gifts is at Shay’s The S Spot.

Waterproof vibrators are great. One of the best places to have sex is in the shower, especially if one is particularly messy when having sex. And if you love toys when masturbating–there you go, more fun to have!

The Prostate Massager sounds like a wonderful gift for any man in your life, but good luck in getting him to use it!

I always found strap-on dildos funny as hell, but to each their own. Just make sure you get a sturdy one, like the one mentioned on the site is supposed to be. That seems like the number one problem with strap-ons: they tend to fall apart.

The waterproof erotica book is very nice. Wow, lots of sexy things to do in the bathroom now. Get the waterproof erotic book and a waterproof vibrator for the friend or lover who likes staying in the bathroom for hours.

The Rubber Ducky vibrator is a terrific gift for the newbie masturbator! Talk about being appropriate!

Online porn subscriptions are always fabulous for those that have every physical sex gift they want. There are certainly thousands of adult sites to choose from–something for every perv!

The vibrating cock ring has an awesome look! What a great design!

The website, The Liberator, has some unique sexy gifts too. From erotic books to erotic furniture.

Last, I took a peek at Shay’s other gift review site.

The Dilwood Wooden Dildo is no longer available, but the idea was great. If you want to buy a wooden dildo, just Google wooden dildo. There are plenty of wooden dildos for sale–but they are pricey.

Here’s another waterproof gift: The Strawberry Vibrator Sponge. Hmmm…maybe I should stay in the bathroom longer with all these waterproof sex items around!

Well, I hope I have turned you on to more erotic gifts to buy if you’re still shopping for that difficult sexy person in your life that has everything.

Happy shopping!

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So You Love Sex…

Tell Me Something I Don’t Know.

Gee, I can’t believe how all the profiles I read on adult webcam girls’ pages throughout the Internet are SO BORING! I have truly one of the best profiles and images described. I’m not trying to be conceited; I’m just being honest! Most hosts have very sad and pathetic profiles.

No wonder why many guests disrespect many hosts. If they portray that they are only interested in sex as indicated by their profile (which is the only thing to go on at first–and that first impression is VERY IMPORTANT), that’s why guests insult them. I’m not saying they deserve disrespect but hosts should show they have a brain, unless they don’t have one.

If a host is equivalent to being another Einstein, the host doesn’t have to display that, which could intimidate the guest, but show a little intelligence–geez. Most hosts don’t realize: SMART IS SEXY.

These hosts are all the same in their generic, very average profiles: ‘Suck my titties, screw me in my ass, put it deep in my pussy, shoot your cum all over me, I’ll suck your cock, I’m your slut’…yeah, yeah, yeah..blah, blah, blah…


And some hosts may say, “Well I make good money anyway by being boring–I make $1,000.00+ a week by being boring. How much do YOU make?”

I say to that, “You just don’t get it, do you? Life isn’t just about pleasing others and getting them off to make money. It’s also about challenging yourself (hellOOO?!) by being creative, imaginative and using your God-given brain.” 

Use it or lose it and apparently many hosts have lost it–a very long time ago.

Unexpected Day off Work

My old webcam finally died (R.I.P.) I just ordered a new cam from Amazon, which will arrive tomorrow–fastest delivery. Overnight delivery is $18.99 but I definitely make up for that amount by working tomorrow, so it made sense to get it on Tuesday. So I have the day off work.

I think I’ll be a studious girl and catch up on my reading of chick lit, psychology and travel books–what a combination of reads! And throughout the day, watch smut on the Playboy channel. 

I just found a great restaurant for my newly formed Sex-and-the-City group to get together after the holidays! The restaurant seats large groups (at best, 8 people will be there), and I can reserve seats for as many as 8 people. So now, all I need to do is go the restaurant once just to see what it looks like inside. I’m going to talk to Jay abut it so maybe we can check it out together this week. We hope to meet for the first time there on January 6th or 7th.

Tomorrow, my cats Jesper and Pippi go to the vet to get neutered. Jay is taking them. I hope to be working.

Jay and I saw The Departed and Blood Diamond over the weekend. Very good films! I can see why Leonardo DiCaprio is nominated twice for Best Actor for both films at the Golden Globe awards. He gave two awesome performances!

My Thoughts on “Sexual Achievements”

Josey Vogel’s article, Sexual Achievements, is pretty interesting. Here are my thoughts on some of the topics:

Global Peace….I will definitely be masturbating on Friday, December 22–Global Orgasm Day. Besides, that’s a given since I will be online doing adult webcam shows. I work on weekdays and sometimes on weekends.

Virtual sex is just another hobby like any other one, and it’s not much different from live strip shows offline. There, you can look but can’t touch also (although the offline strippers can touch you). Just because it has something to do with SEX, people get all bent out of shape. Go figure. Some people send their money gambling. Some people spend their money playing sports. Some spend their money traveling. And some spend money going to sex websites. To each their own.

Sex toys being the new status symbol! Ha-ha! This I like. I wouldn’t pay $300.00 on a sex toy–not even $100.00, and I only use them for professionally, but I love the idea of sex toys being a status symbol. Vogel’s thought was great about stars carrying their sex toys in expensive pouches on the red carpet. Celebrities don’t have any problem mentioning in public interviews that they go to sex shops to purchase toys.

Maybe Feminism and porn can be friends, but still the thought sounds scary considering how Feminism is traditionally the way I know it. That has to be handled very carefully for the two to be in sync.

I agree with the kids and porn statement….Again, because it’s about sex people get crazy and panic. It’s just another warning to give to kids like not to do drugs or go with strangers.

Dirty vaginas….Actually, you can keep a pussy too clean. It’s not healthy to constantly wash the vagina many times during the day. The vaginal tissues are delicate and could cause irritation, soreness and dryness, denying the pussy of it’s natural oils to keep it nice and lubricated. It’s like taking too many baths daily or washing your hair several times a day. Not good.

Ooo-wee! How I LOVE those pantyless female celebs! Jay gets the offline Playboy magazine free many times and let’s me read it. I enjoy checking out near the back of the magazine where celebrities are photographed wearing see-through clothes, a breast or nipple accidentally exposed, or them wearing very skimpy clothing. Going pantyless feels so good!

I haven’t seen the film, Shortbus, but I want to; I’ve heard great things about it. And if it’s about New Yorkers–especially freaky New Yorkers–it must be a great film!

I used to buy Playgirl magazine ages ago. Maybe I should pick up a copy one day soon. I’m sure a lot has changed for the better as Vogel mentioned. By the way, do you know what group reads Playgirl the most? GAY MEN. Generally speaking, looking at porn is still just not a female thing.

Vogel says the US is the most messed up about sex. I totally disagree. Obviously she hasn’t been doing much traveling in third world countries. Some countries will literally stone a woman for wearing a tube top and shorts. Some places strictly forbid unmarried people to sleep together–even some hotels. When you go to places like that, one must obey the country’s religious/societal views.

There are SO MANY sexperts in the world, including Yours Truly. It’s impossible to say who’s the best sexpert. Plus, it can be subjective.

Loud Sex

This is my biggest fear when I do adult webcam shows at home. Jay, my boyfriend, says I am too loud when performing my live sex shows. He says the mike should pick up my voice well enough so I don’t have to moan and groan so loudly.

At first, I thought he was just jealous and didn’t want to hear it at all while in the other room. But then, guests do say they hear even the subtle noises I make when masturbating. Only one guest have ever told me to speak louder, so I have tried to tone down my sex sounds more.

But it is a difficult thing to do. As I have said before, I really do love what I do and actually get into the sex. If you are truly enjoying yourself in sex–even if alone–you tend not to whisper, or say very softly, “Ooooh. Mmmm….Ooooh yeah…..That feels so good in my ass…” Especially something in my ass. Having a dildo in the ass will not result in soft sounds. Pleasant sounds yes, but not spoken softly.

Fortunately, there has been only one or two guests who have said they want a “screamer.” I say, “No, I can’t do that in my apartment.”

I think some guests are not always honestly turned-on by what hosts do. Some don’t want to get really aroused to the point of orgasm. Some, I believe, just want to be entertained–in the ‘ha-ha, that’s so funny’ or ‘that’s so filthy’ way.

How else would one explain why guests ask for hosts to put a dildo in their ass and then take it out and without cleaning it, put it in their mouth or pussy? Or scream extremely loud? Do they really want a lover that way? Does that really turn them on? I don’t think so. Some guests look at hosts as circus freaks. I guess for the money, some hosts go right along with it and do it. The stereotypical adult strippers who have very low self-esteem and feel that’s the only way they can make a lot of money. Me? I just disconnect the imbeciles.

But sometimes I almost wished I lived in a house where I could at least be myself and be a bit more vocal when having great sex with myself while a guest watches me in adult webcam play. I hate getting uncomfortably low in sex sounds. I have way too much fun just being real.

Women and Our Insecurities

The subject of make-up came up at Mistress Matisse’s blog, which reminded me of a subject I’ve been wanting to talk about.

I know this goes back to the old, old days when the only concern for women was in looking their best for their male lovers. I think this is one of the reasons why women are continually so insecure about their looks.

I brought this subject up once here, so I will continue.

Wearing make-up is, by far, the most obvious proof of how insecure women are. Second being chronic dieting, but at least in dieting it does makes sense because having the proper weight with one’s height is important in keeping a healthy body. Getting boob jobs would probably come in third (Many guys reveal their insecurities about having a small penis, but they DO learn to live with it, with very very few resorting to doing something stupid like having surgery to get a larger penis, the way so many women do regarding breast implants).

Women are always obsessed with looks. Wearing make-up hides the way one really looks, and shouldn’t the focus be on natural facial treatments and exercises to look good, youthful and gorgeous facially and not by hiding it under make-up?

Actually, make-up is not healthy for the skin. It blocks pores and could cause eye and skin irritation.

I think guys would rather see the real person and not someone hiding their face behind make-up because they are too afraid of showing others what they really look like. Some women even sleep in their make-up!

The markets have tried to push make-up for men, and it never took off. Guys that are concerned about looks simply exercise and and sometimes use facial skin care products to help their skin stay healthy and look good. They get at the source of the issue, and then proudly expose their face in public sans make-up. Guys are very secure about their looks.

Women should be that way too.