I have some (more) last minute Christmas shopping gift items to tell you about. The first one is from My Messy Bedroom.

In general, The Smart Girl’s Guide to Porn is a really great book, especially for newbie female porn lovers. The one thing that interests me most in the book is how the author, Violet Blue, tell people how to find real orgasms in porn; this is tricky but fun to try and detect. I have seen what I strongly believe are bonifide orgasms in adult films, and some have been confirmed as true from adult stars in interviews who mention other adult performers who really do orgasm, like Chloe, one of my long-time favorite adult stars! After watching so much porn, I can tell real orgasms most times. But it would be very interesting to read what Violet says. Maybe I’ll just read that chapter in the bookstore, because I really don’t want the book.

I love the porn film-titles spoofs. It must be a lot of fun creating real porn titles from mainstream film titles.

The Naughty Crosswords by Nerve looks cool. I like to do mainstream crosswords, and I would love to do the naughty one!

The other place to look for last-minute gifts is at Shay’s The S Spot.

Waterproof vibrators are great. One of the best places to have sex is in the shower, especially if one is particularly messy when having sex. And if you love toys when masturbating–there you go, more fun to have!

The Prostate Massager sounds like a wonderful gift for any man in your life, but good luck in getting him to use it!

I always found strap-on dildos funny as hell, but to each their own. Just make sure you get a sturdy one, like the one mentioned on the site is supposed to be. That seems like the number one problem with strap-ons: they tend to fall apart.

The waterproof erotica book is very nice. Wow, lots of sexy things to do in the bathroom now. Get the waterproof erotic book and a waterproof vibrator for the friend or lover who likes staying in the bathroom for hours.

The Rubber Ducky vibrator is a terrific gift for the newbie masturbator! Talk about being appropriate!

Online porn subscriptions are always fabulous for those that have every physical sex gift they want. There are certainly thousands of adult sites to choose from–something for every perv!

The vibrating cock ring has an awesome look! What a great design!

The website, The Liberator, has some unique sexy gifts too. From erotic books to erotic furniture.

Last, I took a peek at Shay’s other gift review site.

The Dilwood Wooden Dildo is no longer available, but the idea was great. If you want to buy a wooden dildo, just Google wooden dildo. There are plenty of wooden dildos for sale–but they are pricey.

Here’s another waterproof gift: The Strawberry Vibrator Sponge. Hmmm…maybe I should stay in the bathroom longer with all these waterproof sex items around!

Well, I hope I have turned you on to more erotic gifts to buy if you’re still shopping for that difficult sexy person in your life that has everything.

Happy shopping!