Big Dicks

You know what I get tired of hearing, and what’s worse, poor guys falling for it? It’s when women talk about wanting a guy with a huge, thick cock.


Those women: Have you ever had a huge cock? The 10 inch variety (that seems like the most common size women “want”) and very thick?

I bet not.

If you did, your pussy would probably be very sore and torn–that is if you are as tight as you always say you are.

Getting penetrated by a huge dick is very painful and some women are honest enough to say so. Sure you can relax, and it will help but still it’s going to be sore; even many porn stars have said they actually prefer medium-sized cocks on the set and off, because the large ones hurt.

So those women lusting after big dicks: Stop bullshitting about how great gigantic cocks are; you’ve been watching way too many X-rated films. There’s a good reason porn stars are called actors.

As long as the cock feels good in me, that’s what really matters for me.

11 Replies to “Big Dicks”

  1. I think you’ve made alot of men quite relieved!I also prefer medium-sized fella’s,even the ones with the smaller weenies are preferable to the over-sized ones,they try harder at foreplay!

  2. My gf says my cock stretches her, but it is only 6 inches long and 5.5 inches around.

    Is this common!

  3. Luke, if she is very tight and tends to not really relax this could happen.

    Do more foreplay and gently go inside her. Make sure she is very relaxed and into the lovemaking.

    I hope that helps. Let me know what happens. 🙂

  4. I call Bullshit!
    The girls I’ve been with absolutely loved my big dick (8”x5.75”). They got wet just by looking and touching it and couldn’t wait to get it inside of them. They also came very quickly from the vaginal intercourse itself ( and btw, I am very good at foreplay).

    To be honest, the girls that say they don’t want a big one, probably never had one to begin with. They are simply consoling themselves.

    Mr. Big

  5. I guess it takes all types. Nobody is disagreeing that big dicks are great to look at — but it’s like a fast car, everybody wants one but when you get it do you know what to do with it? Anyway, maybe you never went with a girl with a small vagina? 🙂

  6. hi well guys i got quite a big one honest 11 inches, and a while back i was kinda the unexpierenced guy had a bit of bad luck with sex cause most of the chicks got scared of it, i mean even for me its quite fucking huge and gives me quite a balance problem sometimes.
    I got a new girlfriend which I love and she seems to not get of me apparently, and she calls me the Tripod, lol but as it is big once she fucks me and yes she’s the one that attacks i get really exhausted and drained, she once kept sucking me till i came three times in a row, got me tied up and all, and when her girlfriends found out about my dick, i had quite a night couldnt walk striaght for a month. 4 women on a guy is just too much. its really getting quite exhausting and most of the time i think that my girlfriend is with me for my cock i mean, i was just out with her and we were in the car and she drops in my lap and proceeds to give me a blowjob. i sometimes which i was medium sized. i kinda believe my relationship with my girlfriend is fucked up especially since she gets her firends over and they fuck and blowme while she watches. then only thing i am not allowed is to masturbate argh

  7. Who cares about that shit what some woman talk about a man’s cock? This is the same as some guys talk about expensive cars wich they never had.

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