I love it when it gets so busy when webcamming. I get “In the Zone” and I’m REALLY rockin’!

Because of the holidays, it was so slow. I started worrying a bit then I said, well it’s a holiday, things will pick up.

Yes it did! I almost made up for yesterday! One after the other….I really orgasmed–I had a great time. Even with a headache all day!

Did I ever tell you how much I love my job? 😉

College students should be an adult webcam girl for money; it’s totally safe and the sky’s the limit at what you can make.

Jay is impressed by my earnings. He’s a perfectionist and coming from him, that’s a huge compliment.

We plan on going on vacation after the 20th of this month. Gee, this may sound crazy, but I almost don’t want to go away! I’m still new and I hope I still have the same customers when I get back, and the same traffic.