I forgot to mention yesterday regarding my sex class. I’ve heard about this before; the instructor mentioned people sometimes bleach their anus, to make it more pink. Wow! It’s supposed to be the latest thing in the West Coast. My anus looks great, but even if it didn’t, no way would I bleach it.

I got the stuff I ordered from AdamEve a couple days ago. I ordered a blow-up Love Pillow that comes with a booklet of sexual positions, a Tickle his Pickle guidebook, subtitled: Your Hands-On Guide to Penis Pleasing, and AdamEve’s own pubic shaver. It was over $17.00, so I got a free XXX DVD.

I think the inflatable Love Pillow will make a great prop for my cam shows.

Guests at ImLive seem to love my ass best, followed by my boobs, then my pussy. In general, there’s something about the booty the drives guys wild. I love ass too but I’m not  that crazy about it; I’d rather look at tits and a pussy any day than an ass.

I would like to make it to ImLive’s Hall of Fame, for more advertising. I would have to spend more hours online though. I already spend about 10-12 hours a day, 5 days a week online. Maybe when I get a lot more guests I wouldn’t have to spend so much time webcamming to make Hall of Fame.

I did a blast invitation yesterday to get more member for my book club. It worked! So far, as a result, 8 more people have joined. Now I am on the first page of two places that list my group! I haven’t started an offline group yet, but in time when I get more members, I’m sure I’ll be able to get some locals for us to get together.