Tools of the Trade

I bought some sex toys today for my webcam shows!

I ordered from my favorite sex shop in the world, adameve online. I bought two Pyrex glass anal dildos! This is the first time I’ve bought–even will touch–a Pyrex glass dildo! I’m so excited. I didn’t order the multi-colored ones–adameve didn’t have them available–at least for anal dildos.

Yes, I’m smart. No way am I going to buy a vaginal dildo: Too thick–too much wear and tear on the pussy, especially for us webcam hosts who get a lot of traffic.

The widest anal dildo that I’m getting is about 1 1/2 inches. The lengths of each are 7 and 8 inches. They’re clear in color, which I’m hoping when I insert them, it’ll work like a window, seeing deep inside me. lol! I’m such a slut!

Sugasm 52

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Long time Sugasm readers will remember Maeve’s blog The Taste Tester. Her entries were a regular part of our sexy posts. Now she is releasing her blog in novel form entitled The Taste Tester. To show our congratulations we’ve made hereditors’ choice this week. She has graciously put a full chapter of her book in a special post for Sugasm readers. Thank you Maeve and congratulations again!

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Halloween Themes

I got lucky! I just returned from my trip to Mexico, Guatemala and Belize, thinking I missed some of ImLive’s Halloween party, but it began today–from now until early November 1st.

I’m sitting here now, dressed in theme: black lingerie–a see-through top tied in front with only two strings, and a panty thong.

While some people dress like a whore one day out of the year, wearing sexy costumes, I have the good fortune of dressing like a whore at least 5 days a week. Really as much as I like!

But I will be glad when Halloween is over; then I will subscribe to the Playboy channel. I checked their website and was pleasantly surprised to find a month long listing of their TV schedule–for print out! I checked out this month’s films and I was right–vampire porn bullshit. Next month looks better.


It is against ImLive policy to do watersports shows, but if it was OK to do it, I probably would. I do like watersports sex play.

I prefer to do it in the shower for obvious reasons. I love the feel of the warmness of pee going down from the lower part of my back, trailing between my legs, running down my legs to my feet. It’s a highly erotic feeling. Really.

Also, I can understand watching someone pee. That can be very sexy too. I’d rather someone watch me pee than I watch someone else pee. I get turned on more by people watching me; it’s the exhibitionist in me, which is interesting considering I was quite shy growing up….How much I’ve changed!

Fortunately, Jay is accommodating in my liking watersports. It doesn’t turn him on but he’s willing to go along with my perversions! I’m more sexually adventurous than he is.


I have recently started doing role-playing in my webcam sex shows. I’m very good at it, but I only like to do a few scenarios so far. I only do what I feel is really comfortable for me, and it makes me a great actress. Guests have said I am very good at it and should be an actress!

My favorite role playing scenarios are common: Guest plays Doctor (gynecologist) and I play the Patient. This is my favorite because I ABSOLUTELY LOVE being viewed extremely up-close and deep inside me; I really get turned on….OK, I admit it. I’m a perv!

I also love the guest being an Older Man and I playing an innocent, naive just-legal Younger Woman. And I love playing the opposite of that: the guest plays an innocent, naive Younger Man and I play the very experienced, wanting-to-teach-him-everything-about-sex Older Woman.

Role-playing is a lot of fun. It’s relaxing and I really get caught up in the scene. It takes lots of time fleshing it out (no pun intended), which makes for good money being made.

ImLive’s Happy Hour

I, affectionately, call ImLive’s Happy Hour, The Desperate Hour, because a host must be desperate for money to want to get in a place having to cater to multiple people all at once. But it does pay to work there, so if I ever got a string of really slow days doing the regular video cam work, I maybe would consider it. But I’ve wondered, how do I go about pleasing everyone? Can a host please everyone in Happy Hour?

Other hosts have this issue at other adult webcam sites. But each website has different policies regarding a Happy Hour setting, plus different tools to use to make it a happier experience for both host and guests.

But I definitely won’t do a Happy Hour until I figure out some sort of strategy. In the meantime, I’m doing quite well without HH.

Bonuses for Guests

I hear some hosts send guests things in the mail, specifically hosts selling their used panties via the mail; I think that is illegal though in the U.S. Even though I hear the panties are wrapped in Zip-lock-like plastic bags, I still don’t think the panties will get to the recipient nice and fresh–probably more like very stinky! But some people like stinky too! To each one’s own.

The only bonuses I like to give my guests at work are lots of very explicit nude pics of me–which you can only see if you join my ImLive Fan Club, and video recordings of me doing all sorts of X-rated things. I want to do a fetish line of recordings as well. I’ll really work on all this when I get back from my vacation.

That’s when I really want to “step up my game” to perhaps be an ImLive Hall of Famer: More video recordings and working longer hours for starters. 

My Cats

After searching for days, a couple of weeks ago, trying to find a cat-sitter for my two Siamese cats while Jay and I are on vacation for a week, making several calls, I finally found what looks to be a great service.

Some services would do more than others, some charged more. This one who calls herself a real expert with cats, a “Cat Whisperer” charged the most–$24.00 for a 30 minute, once-a-day visit!

Most places charge under $20.00 for a 30 minute visit. I found two places that charged only $18.00. After reading their website, I chose the one that said they are insured and provides a little more service than the other one.

The company is licensed and bonded. For 30 minutes, they provide on a daily basis: playing with the cats, giving them fresh food and water, cleaning the litter boxes (though eventually I want to train my cats to use the toilet–more on that later), cleaning up any pet messes, watering plants, taking in mail, newspapers and packages, alternating blinds, curtains and lights, and taking out the trash/recycling.

That’s quite a lot for just 18 bucks a day.

So I called them again and made an appointment for a consultation meeting. The guy that came was really the main worker, because his assistant now has a “real” job and doesn’t cat or dog sit much anymore for the company (they are also a dog-sitting service. The guy told me he will be the one coming over for the entire week.

Surprisingly, our cats took to him soon. He only stayed for about an hour and in that time, both cats were coming up to him, allowing him to rub them. The only people that our cats have come in contact with since we had them are just Jay and I. I guess they were starving for someone different to be around!

It’s weird because unlike baby sitting kids, we can’t call home to speak to our cats  or when we get back, asking the cats how were they treated. We don’t even know if he will stay for the required 30 minutes.  We have to put a lot of faith in this stranger cat-sitter. He did have plenty of references, including the Oregon Humane Society, so that was comforting to know.

He seems like a very nice guy. I’m a good judge of people and I have a feeling our cats will be treated very well.

Our cats were born about a month apart: one born in March, the other in April. One looks like the classic Siamese, although his head is not long. The other is a lot lighter in color and doesn’t look like a Siamese at all, but then again, I don’t know much about breeds.

They are totally opposite in personalities, but get along great! They have never fought seriously–they have even shared the same food bowl, and when going to their litter box, have both went in together, peeing/crapping together, and each covering up the other’s wastes! It’s so cute.

The older one is a lot more emotional and needy. He seems to be very insecure, while the younger one is full of spunk and very secure with himself. He walks around as if he’s saying: ‘It’s so wonderful being me!’ He is a more curious and aggressive than the older cat. I’m glad the introverted cat is older because if he wasn’t, the younger, extroverted cat would probably bully him!

At night, the older cat always jumps on the bed and snuggles between Jay and I, while the younger one happily plays by himself until late, then comes to join us three. I like to think of them as humans sometimes; the older one being a homebody, while the younger one spends many nights out on the town before coming home late at night.

“Black” Webcam Chathosts

ImLive’s Hall of Fame list for the first part of October just came out. I noticed it listed two African-American women who made the list! With great interest, I went to the profile of these women representing the African-American Hall of Famers and with great
disappoint I noticed they are both light-skinned, with straight, Caucasian-like hair.

Now I know it’s all about fantasy, and I’m sure these adult cam hosts worked hard to make it to HOF–good for them!–but what really pisses me off is the lack of interest for dark-skinned African-Americans, from the guests. There are plenty of ugly light-skinned
blacks and plenty of gorgeous, sexy dark skinned blacks in case the world–especially Americans–didn’t know.

I’ll be glad when–or if–this prejudice, racist attitude about dark-skinned people becomes non-existent. And it’s not just dark-skinned African-Americans that is discriminated against; it’s ANY dark-skinned person.

Sex Classes 101

The sex workshop that I went to a couple weeks ago will be having two more sex classes this month. October 18th is Sex Toys 101, which I decided not to attend. I know so much about the subject to really learn anything new, and not enough people show up for the classes for me to chance going their to network; I’d probably wind up wasting my time.

The next sex class is on October 26th I believe. It will be Polyamory 101. Now this is a workshop I’d love to attend but unfortunately, I’ll be out of town. I do know a lot about polyamory, but I could learn more, and it would be interesting to meet people who are into the lifestyle. I’ve only “met” poly people via the Internet. In a way, ideally, I find it the most perfect sexual lifestyle, but I think I would find it difficult to get over jealousy feelings, especially if I was in love with one of the guys. Yes, that class would be interesting to attend. Maybe there will be another Polyamory class there in the near future.