I bought some sex toys today for my webcam shows!

I ordered from my favorite sex shop in the world, adameve online. I bought two Pyrex glass anal dildos! This is the first time I’ve bought–even will touch–a Pyrex glass dildo! I’m so excited. I didn’t order the multi-colored ones–adameve didn’t have them available–at least for anal dildos.

Yes, I’m smart. No way am I going to buy a vaginal dildo: Too thick–too much wear and tear on the pussy, especially for us webcam hosts who get a lot of traffic.

The widest anal dildo that I’m getting is about 1 1/2 inches. The lengths of each are 7 and 8 inches. They’re clear in color, which I’m hoping when I insert them, it’ll work like a window, seeing deep inside me. lol! I’m such a slut!