I have recently started doing role-playing in my webcam sex shows. I’m very good at it, but I only like to do a few scenarios so far. I only do what I feel is really comfortable for me, and it makes me a great actress. Guests have said I am very good at it and should be an actress!

My favorite role playing scenarios are common: Guest plays Doctor (gynecologist) and I play the Patient. This is my favorite because I ABSOLUTELY LOVE being viewed extremely up-close and deep inside me; I really get turned on….OK, I admit it. I’m a perv!

I also love the guest being an Older Man and I playing an innocent, naive just-legal Younger Woman. And I love playing the opposite of that: the guest plays an innocent, naive Younger Man and I play the very experienced, wanting-to-teach-him-everything-about-sex Older Woman.

Role-playing is a lot of fun. It’s relaxing and I really get caught up in the scene. It takes lots of time fleshing it out (no pun intended), which makes for good money being made.