Years ago, I read how great orgasms can be and how to have one. I wanted to experience that supposed great feeling of orgasmic release.

My first “sex toy” was a glass coke bottle. I inserted the long glass neck in my pussy and used it vigorously, rubbing my clitoris and G-Spot. It felt good but nothing really happened. Then I decided to stop being so cheap and invest in a real sex toy: A vibrator.

When it arrived, I looked at it with great doubt. I put in the batteries and turned it on. I sat there rubbing it on my clit for minutes and minutes. It felt OK but I was getting bored. I said to myself, “Gee, what a waste of time and money. This damn thing isn’t going to really do anything for me.” Then suddenly I felt this tiny itch. I needed to satisfy it, so I pressed against that itch more and then…..WOW! OH MY GOD!!! It happened!

When asked what does an orgasm feel like, some people say, ‘Well, you just know it when you feel it.’ They are so right.

Since then, I have been through many sexy toys: vibrators (one started to smoke! I quickly threw that one away!), dildos, vaginal beads, eggs…

But, believe it or not, my favorite “toy” is just using my fingers.

When I’m rubbing my clit, I like feeling it become engorged and just feeling all the sensations and spasms my body goes through from sexual play–start to finish.

But if I had to choose a real sex toy as my favorite, I’d pick a glass dildo. They are the best on the market when you want to use a toy a lot, and don’t want to get sore. Some people complain that there’s no give so it feels uncomfortable. To each their own because it feels great to me. I use glass dildos in my pussy and ass.

Of course there will never be an adequate substitute for the real thing.

That’s why I don’t understand women who are mainly with other women but still enjoy the feeling of being penetrated and filled up. They say there is no need for a man since there are so many toys that can penetrate a woman quite well.

Whether it’s vaginal, anal, or oral, there is not a product on this planet that equals to a real cock. The feel and texture of a penis is phenomenal! Women who have never been penetrated by a real cock and has only experienced a dildo don’t know what they are missing. They are grossly misinformed.

Toys can be a pleasure but can never take the place of something real–whether it be fingers or cock, they always win over toys.

Guys in general don’t like–or most won’t even try–a male sex toy. I have given all my male lovers sex toys–past and present. At best, they tried it once and didn’t want to try it again. Those that tried them say it’s an OK feel, but would rather stick to using their hands. Most of the guys didn’t want to try them at all.

I gave them fake vaginas and fake ass toys (some were replicas of porn star pussies and asses!), pumps, and cock rings, and soft, squishy-feeling substances that supposed to feel really good to a guy when he inserts his cock in it.

The guys just weren’t interested.

The only sex toy I buy are glass dildos, but I still get many more via Adam and Eve’s sex shop (check out their feature vibe of the month article), since dildos cost over $17.00, making me automatically getting a free gift. The last time it was either I get a DVD or surprise sex toy. I chose the sex toy since most of the free DVD’s aren’t nasty enough for me. The surprise gift was a battery-operated G-Spot dildo. Another unopened sex toy to add to my collection.

Maybe I’ll give out sex toys for Christmas.