My old webcam finally died (R.I.P.) I just ordered a new cam from Amazon, which will arrive tomorrow–fastest delivery. Overnight delivery is $18.99 but I definitely make up for that amount by working tomorrow, so it made sense to get it on Tuesday. So I have the day off work.

I think I’ll be a studious girl and catch up on my reading of chick lit, psychology and travel books–what a combination of reads! And throughout the day, watch smut on the Playboy channel. 

I just found a great restaurant for my newly formed Sex-and-the-City group to get together after the holidays! The restaurant seats large groups (at best, 8 people will be there), and I can reserve seats for as many as 8 people. So now, all I need to do is go the restaurant once just to see what it looks like inside. I’m going to talk to Jay abut it so maybe we can check it out together this week. We hope to meet for the first time there on January 6th or 7th.

Tomorrow, my cats Jesper and Pippi go to the vet to get neutered. Jay is taking them. I hope to be working.

Jay and I saw The Departed and Blood Diamond over the weekend. Very good films! I can see why Leonardo DiCaprio is nominated twice for Best Actor for both films at the Golden Globe awards. He gave two awesome performances!