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Author: Paige

Pubic Hair Shaving for a 13 Year Old?

Thanks to Dawn for this question: dawn said, October 2, 2007 @ 4:18 am · Edit not worried about “how”. i wnt to know if i *should*. my hair down there has just started growing. i am 13. should i shave it? will it be good for me...

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The Business of Chat

It looks as though those of us who chat for business might even have a new line available, one were we get to keep out clothes on (if we so wish).  Retail online shops are finding that if customers can chat to someone at the...

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Red bumps after shaving pubic hair

x-concerned-x said, June 17, 2007 @ 8:00 am  Hey paige, i shaved my pussy bout 5 days ago now and it was soo smooth for that day and i applied dove moisterisa on it after, the next day it started gettin bumpy and day after that...

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Animated XXX rated Barbie dolls

I wrote before about the fact that imlive, where I work as as a webcam model, was starting to host porn stars as well.  Well they are still doing it, and now they are getting more famous names as well — even I, and...

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