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dawn said,

October 2, 2007 @ 4:18 am · Edit

not worried about “how”. i wnt to know if i *should*. my hair down there has just started growing. i am 13. should i shave it? will it be good for me or bad for me. all the girls i see in pictures have it shaved. i’m too shy to ask my mum but i did peek her in the shower and i think she is shaved. none of my friends in school have done it. i don’t have a boyfriend yet but if i do i don’t want him to think i’m strange. please help!!!

If you want to shave then that’s a good reason, I presume at 13 years old you don’t have a lot of pubic hair yet so it would be comparatively easy, and any re-grow itching would be less.  Just follow the advise I gave before.  Actually if you have very few hairs it might be worth trying to just pluck them.  When I was in school I knew a girl who just plucked her pussy hairs as they grew and eventually it killed the hair roots and now she is an adult she has hardly any hair on her pussy even when she doesn’t shave.

 An interesting solution but too late for the majority of us!  Though I do hear that if you wax regularly you get a similiar effect with a slight reduction in hairs growing back as basically each time a hair is pulled out there is a small chance that the root will be killed and it won’t grow back again.

If plucking hairs is painful then try fingering your clit at the same time, if you get excited then the sensation can become pleasurable instead of painful.

As for looking normal — well it is perfectly normal to have pubic hair, but then so is having hair on on mens’ chins and shaving that is “normal” as well.  So it’s what makes you happy.  I won’t be one to tell you not to shave for someone else (a future boyfriend) as I shave mostly for all my “temporary boyfriends” at my work!

I hope that helps, let me know what you decide to do!