Author Rachel Kramer Bussell at the Village Voice website has a great article piece there called E-so Horny, interviewing a porn star.

I always find it amusing when you hear these people in the adult industry that are really “shy”. Shy? As compared to what?

It’s nice to see women becoming really popular who don’t have big or fake tits, and for a change instead are about showing their real selves while getting into the sex on videocam. I always present myself like that in videochat. I am pretty much myself on cam, and I think it’s best to be that way.

Seems like this Dana DeArmond videos herself everywhere: Picking up mail, visiting a zoo…It would be kind of cool to be filmed most the time, like being on reality TV and getting paid for it. I think I’d like that a lot. I am an exhibitionist–on cam and off cam.

I guess it’s good for business to have “play pals”. Hmmm…maybe one day I’ll do a show with someone. But as you know, it’s hard enough for me to find friends, much less finding kinky friends who are exhibitionists too.

I used to have a MySpace–twice before but deleted both accounts. For me, MySpace is a waste of time, as far as making real friends anyway. So-so for making good acquaintances, but I find the people there are just posers and fakes, just wanting to add people to their list like trophies.

There is one girl there who I asked to be on my list and she accepted. She used to work at ImLive and I found her to be the only person there who had an intelligent profile (she had really inspired me to make my profile a lot better). We private messaged each other for a short time. When she asked me about my travels, saying she would love to travel more, I told her about my travels…that’s when I never heard from her again. She had a journal there where you can chat back with her in the comments section. At her journal, she started really getting into video game talk, saying she just got the XBox–I think that’s the name of it–and chatting with guys who owns it….I guess she’s more interested in chatting about playing games than chatting about real life and adventures. I hear people adore her and she’s very nice, but I believe she’s the kind of person who get’s tired of people VERY QUICKLY. She’s nice and friendly to get information she wants from you then tosses you aside. Those types. I’m glad I never made real friends with her.

Overall MySpace is super-overrated so I closed my account for good.

But I think if you’re a big porn star, you’ll do well with MySpace.