This is my biggest fear when I do adult webcam shows at home. Jay, my boyfriend, says I am too loud when performing my live sex shows. He says the mike should pick up my voice well enough so I don’t have to moan and groan so loudly.

At first, I thought he was just jealous and didn’t want to hear it at all while in the other room. But then, guests do say they hear even the subtle noises I make when masturbating. Only one guest have ever told me to speak louder, so I have tried to tone down my sex sounds more.

But it is a difficult thing to do. As I have said before, I really do love what I do and actually get into the sex. If you are truly enjoying yourself in sex–even if alone–you tend not to whisper, or say very softly, “Ooooh. Mmmm….Ooooh yeah…..That feels so good in my ass…” Especially something in my ass. Having a dildo in the ass will not result in soft sounds. Pleasant sounds yes, but not spoken softly.

Fortunately, there has been only one or two guests who have said they want a “screamer.” I say, “No, I can’t do that in my apartment.”

I think some guests are not always honestly turned-on by what hosts do. Some don’t want to get really aroused to the point of orgasm. Some, I believe, just want to be entertained–in the ‘ha-ha, that’s so funny’ or ‘that’s so filthy’ way.

How else would one explain why guests ask for hosts to put a dildo in their ass and then take it out and without cleaning it, put it in their mouth or pussy? Or scream extremely loud? Do they really want a lover that way? Does that really turn them on? I don’t think so. Some guests look at hosts as circus freaks. I guess for the money, some hosts go right along with it and do it. The stereotypical adult strippers who have very low self-esteem and feel that’s the only way they can make a lot of money. Me? I just disconnect the imbeciles.

But sometimes I almost wished I lived in a house where I could at least be myself and be a bit more vocal when having great sex with myself while a guest watches me in adult webcam play. I hate getting uncomfortably low in sex sounds. I have way too much fun just being real.