ImLive’s Hall of Fame list for the first part of October just came out. I noticed it listed two African-American women who made the list! With great interest, I went to the profile of these women representing the African-American Hall of Famers and with great
disappoint I noticed they are both light-skinned, with straight, Caucasian-like hair.

Now I know it’s all about fantasy, and I’m sure these adult cam hosts worked hard to make it to HOF–good for them!–but what really pisses me off is the lack of interest for dark-skinned African-Americans, from the guests. There are plenty of ugly light-skinned
blacks and plenty of gorgeous, sexy dark skinned blacks in case the world–especially Americans–didn’t know.

I’ll be glad when–or if–this prejudice, racist attitude about dark-skinned people becomes non-existent. And it’s not just dark-skinned African-Americans that is discriminated against; it’s ANY dark-skinned person.