Although I am doing lots of homework, researching adult cam sites that gives great advice about being a webcam girl, I still feel that there should be at least one guidebook that has all these bits and pieces of info, found at various places, regarding doing live sex shows.

It’s getting to the point where I am learning more just through my own personal trial and error. I guess that’s the best way, because several of these tips I read throughout the Internet for adult cam hosts are not correct–at least in my own personal experience.

Like for instance, I hear a host MUST have a camcorder to make good money. I’ve heard several hosts say they make thousands a month with just a regular webcam. Also, I hear it’s best not to have a lot of background items; it’s distracting and unprofessional looking. A solid background is best they say.

I think as long as the background items are nicely placed and orderly, it should be there. One way of keeping your guest longer is by chatting, and if you have interesting things in the background, like displaying items from a hobby, or cool posters, or books, a guest might bring it up, thus making more money simply by chatting about it. I know of a “top earner” adult cam girl who always has cool stuff she likes for her background. Plus, I think having a solid color background is boring and unprofessional looking. In my opinion, it looks just as amateurish as having a cluttered background.

So it’s all about trying things out on your own in the end….

Oh my gosh! I’ve been so busy today! I just keep getting more and more busy! [Paige knocks on wood quickly!]

What the hell have I been doing all my life? Well, as an adult anyway! I could have been earning money by getting naked in my own home and making tons of money–I could have had an extremely large guest mailing list over the years had I been doing webcam sex work. I could have had a huge cult following! Millions of fans dying to have live sex shows with me! I could have been the Oprah Winfrey of adult live webcam sex by now! She made her billions interviewing people; I would have made my billions by getting naked and masturbating! Who would have had more fun getting rich?! ME!!

Okay, back to reality! But seriously, I wish I would have been doing this years ago. I love being self-employed, I’m a real self-starter, and it’s fun working from home.

I no longer have to deal with: #1. Commuting (Bad weather out? No problem getting to work anyway). #2. Bullshit office politics. #3. Paying for high-priced lunch food. #4. Dealing with asshole, terrorist bosses.

Been there, done those, experienced all of that. I’ll take what I have now any day over the above.

Plus, how many people do you know that can honestly say: ‘I LOVE MY JOB!’?

Well, count me as one.