Wow! Today is so slow at work! I guess I should take more photos of myself as I wait for more traffic. I want to make my pictures look really professional. I just put in some fluorescent lights; in my opinion, I think they are overrated, but I’ll try to use them as well as I can.

When I take pictures, I feel like those girls on America’s Next Top Model (or any other model). Some shots can be painfully uncomfortable, but they look great and I must look like the pose doesn’t bother me. I know how they feel!

Also, I need to lose more weight, I have lost 15 pounds so far! I just need to lose 5-10 more pounds; any less and I look anorexic. I have weighed 15 pounds less than I do now and friends thought I was sick….But I am pear-shaped. I can be skin & bones on top, but have plenty of meat bellow! Women are never satisfied with their looks. Mind you, I said before that I was comfortable with my body, but I didn’t say I was satisfied with it. 🙂

My boyfriend Jay suggested I go to a beauty salon to have my hair done and get a manicure, but I have never been to a salon before; I just don’t like the idea of someone working on my hair and fingernails. I know I’d feel uncomfortable. I’ve always done my own hair and nails and will continue to do so.

Well, I’d better get back to work, and produce lots of sexy photos.