I got a sniff sample through the mail of clothing designer, Vera Wang’s perfume: Princess. I usually don’t like commercial perfume (they either smell too strong of alcohol or too sweet smelling), but Wang’s Princess smells great; it has a soft, light, semi-sweet scent.

I usually buy essential perfume oils from health food stores; my favorites: Gardenia, Jasmine, and semi-sweet/woodsy scents.

I just bought a new razor which has a lather of Shea Butter surrounding the razor. I love it! I’m glad there are beauty products coming out using Shea Butter.

I finally decided not to be cheap with fingernail polish and go with a top name brand. One that guarantees to not come off for at least 10 days–and you know what? It’s true! Wow! You do get what you pay for. I have thrown out all my $1.00 fingernail polish that comes off after 12 hours of applying.