I enrolled in an online class at a well-known school. The class is Human Anatomy & Physiology. I took another online class awhile back on Alternative Health and Healing; I received a certification for passing my final exam. I got a perfect–100% score on the test. I hope to do it again in this class. I must admit, alternative medicine has been a subject I’ve studied for years; the class was easy, but Anatomy and Physiology is another story!

I’m bisexual, but I can’t understand guys’ obsession with women who have enormous asses. I’d die if my butt was the size of a buffalo’s!–I don’t like the size of my ass now, which is one of the reasons I am on a diet (10 more pounds to lose!). Big asses are a definite turn-off. Big tits turn me off too. A petite-to-average size girl turns me on.

To each their own.