Gee, I didn’t realize one can make so much money doing live sex cam shows! I’ve been reading boards throughout the Internet and some adult cam hosts say they have made $1,000.00 in a day! Mind you, I don’t know how many hours they stayed online, but still–damn, that’s a lot of money! They say it’s rare, but it can be done.

Being a black webcam girl (actually, I’m part African American/Native American and I have European blood in me), it can be more a challenge, just like being in the entertainment business as a whole.

I hear and know that in general, light-skinned Hispanic webcam girls are more popular than darker-skinned Hispanic webcam girls.

Well, I’m coming in this industry with a creative, imaginative mind and a positive attitude. I’m going to work my ass off and be a part of the exception to the “rule”.