This article was obviously written by a vanilla person. Here’s why:

1. Having 150 men in 6 years is really no big deal. I mean, that’s only averaging having sex with two different guys a month. Having sex with strangers is not uncommon either. I would say most sexually active single people have done that.

2. Many people have lost their virginity at 17. Actually, if living in the US, the average legal age of consent is 16.

3. Having sex with someone nearly everyday if it’s the same people of average of two people a month is not unusual at all.

4. She’s easy. So what?? Why should a person be difficult?

5. She should have been honest up-front with lovers about not wanting a permanent relationship and not cheated on them, but unfortunately, not being honest with a lover and cheating on them is not uncommon in life…Her sex life is none of the family’s business.

6. She’s never been in love?!! She’s ONLY 24! lol!

7. She had strict parents. Surprise, surprise. ALL sluts had strict parents, which is one of the reasons they become sluts.

8. Please note: “a few ‘specials’ for sex” = Fuck buddies. Always good to have when you don’t have a boyfriend or girlfriend.

9. Getting a “reputation”? Sounds like a great reputation to me!

10. She said to her friends: “You’re only young once….I practised safe sex and I wasn’t sleeping with their boyfriends. I just saw it as fun.”

What is wrong with the above statement? NOTHING.

11. She didn’t care if they were attractive. Hellooo?? That means she’s not shallow.

12. Being bisexual is great!

13. Having sex in an alley is HOT! Having sex in public/different places is cool and adds spice to sex.

14. The longest she’s gone without sex was two weeks…Everyone should be that lucky!

15. Having group sex is not commonplace but as long as all are consenting adults, why not?

Including cheating on boyfriends, the only other real issue I see is having severe sex withdrawal symptoms after two weeks without sex (if she’s not masturbating either) and becoming really depressed about it, but if you’re sexually spoiled like that and used to having that much sex, who wouldn’t be depressed after a two-week dry period?