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PUMPkin Carving – Not Just For Kids! (
Dildo Dinner (
A Role Play Confession for Halloween… (

Mr. Sugasm Himself
Our fearless leader is up to his armpits looking at porn. Until he returns I present some retro Sugar.
How to Date a Porn Star in Eleven Easy Steps (

Editors’ Choice
A little story about something called 2257 (

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Thoughts on Sex and Relationships
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BDSM and Fetish
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Erotica (
‘I Write This Sitting At a School Desk’ (
In Charge… (
A Nawty Story: Kitten’s Bad Dream (
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Twins (
Who’s a Naughty Girl Then? (

Sex & Politics
Anti-Anti-Pornography, Part I: Awakening (

Erotic Writing and Experiences
Fantasy Pirates (
Nursed Back to Health (
Permission (
Sex With An Audience (
Tempered Envy (
A Whore’s Reward (
Without you (

NSFW Pics (& a video)
Hannah Hilton (
More Nora Marlo (
Sluts (
Susana Spears on bed (
Zombie Seska (

Sex News, Reviews & Interviews
The Everything To Do With Sex Show (
Half-Nekkid and Going Down (
Sybian Server Attachment (
Welcome to “Make My Cop Come” by Anne Elizabeth (