Webcam Work

Wow! Today is so slow at work! I guess I should take more photos of myself as I wait for more traffic. I want to make my pictures look really professional. I just put in some fluorescent lights; in my opinion, I think they are overrated, but I’ll try to use them as well as I can.

When I take pictures, I feel like those girls on America’s Next Top Model (or any other model). Some shots can be painfully uncomfortable, but they look great and I must look like the pose doesn’t bother me. I know how they feel!

Also, I need to lose more weight, I have lost 15 pounds so far! I just need to lose 5-10 more pounds; any less and I look anorexic. I have weighed 15 pounds less than I do now and friends thought I was sick….But I am pear-shaped. I can be skin & bones on top, but have plenty of meat bellow! Women are never satisfied with their looks. Mind you, I said before that I was comfortable with my body, but I didn’t say I was satisfied with it. 🙂

My boyfriend Jay suggested I go to a beauty salon to have my hair done and get a manicure, but I have never been to a salon before; I just don’t like the idea of someone working on my hair and fingernails. I know I’d feel uncomfortable. I’ve always done my own hair and nails and will continue to do so.

Well, I’d better get back to work, and produce lots of sexy photos.

East Coast to West Coast

I have never traveled so far before in my life. I used to live in Detroit, MI, then moved out on my own to New York City. That was only a 600 mile journey.

I really loved living on the east coast. But sometimes you can’t always have what you want, and even though I wish I still lived in the east coast, I know that I should be here–in Oregon.

Oregon is a nice place. I love all the “greens”: All the trees, grass. The parks look nice; I can’t wait to check out the two big parks I live near. For me, parks are a nice home away from home. The only green found in New York City is Central Park and in upper Manhattan–Inwood.

People love to read here, and there are great bookstores in Oregon. I did my homework investigating here before my move. I had a lot to learn, and I like it more than I thought. Jay thought I would.

I think NY is really the best place to live–for me anyway. In my opinion, it is the greatest place in the world! But I think Oregon is a close second.


Hi everyone! My name is Paige. I’ve read about these blogs but I never thought I’d be doing one. This is one first. After spending some time looking around on the Internet and doing some research, I decided to set up my domain here, and just start blogging about my life.

My life has changed so much, in such a short time! It somehow has become so exciting! lol! Not to brag or anything but I just thought it would be cool to share my life stories with you. I thought about writing in a diary/journal, but that would be boring. I’d rather start a blog and let others know about my non-mainstream life.

I just finished unpacking and am now settling into west coast living. I moved all the way from the east coast a few days ago. Times were hard for me living in Manhattan, New York. Everyday expenses are not so bad, it’s just the rent that’s sky-high crazy!

I met my boyfriend, Jay, in New York City. His work takes him traveling throughout the country. We met only two months ago. I moved into his apartment after a month because my rent was getting too high. He was scheduled to leave NYC in September to move to Oregon and asked me if I wanted to come along. I LOVE New York City, but I realized I needed a new start elsewhere, where I can afford to pay my bills! Plus, no sales tax in Oregon. So I packed what little belongings I have and we moved a week ago–traveling across country in an SUV.

My boyfriend and I are really “friends with benefits.” He wants to leave me and go off vacation traveling overseas somewhere. He has paid all expenses for our move, including buying furniture for our apartment, but now I need to make money because he says he’ll be leaving someday soon.

I have been looking for a job for weeks now–filling out online applications, saying I’m relocating–to be set up to work when I arrived in Oregon.

So far no luck.

Early this morning, while watching U.S. Open Tennis, I was surfing the Internet and discovered adult webcamming. It’s like being a stripper only in the safety of your own home (though I’ve read, some work in an offline studio). It’s pays well, looks easy enough, and I never had any problem taking off my clothes in front of total strangers. I’ve always been very comfortable with how I look nude. It only takes a few hours to set-up shop online, so….well…I went for it!

I made my debut just a few hours ago! So far, I have stripped for three guys. It was easy. The guys were nice. Another first for me!

By the way, in case you were wondering–Yes–Jay knows about me doing this. Even though we are actually friends with benefits, we are sort of boyfriend and girlfriend too (complicated relationship), so I wondered how he would take it. I didn’t want to keep it from him. But Jay, while mainly conservative, when it comes to sex, he is very liberal, and says it’s fine with him. He said I needed to find work and if this pays the bills, why not? He added as long as I am not having sex with these guys in real life he doesn’t mind. Jay has even given me tips from a male (guest) point of view.

I still want to look for “mainstream” work, for health benefits and better job security. But for now, I just hope I get steady pay for the bills I’ll have to be paying in the near future.

Jay and I are also planning on doing some traveling overseas together before he goes off on his own (He says he’s like Ernest Hemingway–the way his wife would let him venture out on his own because he’s basically a loner and always have been).

So now I have to find a place for my two Siamese kittens to stay when we go on vacation–possibly next month. Or maybe I can find a cat sitter….

My relationship with Jay has been pretty good considering we just met a couple of months ago. I’m a very good judge of character and he seemed like a really nice guy when we met–and still is. We have had our disagreements but we get along very well.

I’m very big into psychology, and love reading books and watching films about character studies. I already know a lot about human relationships and what it takes to have a good romantic one. I have very little relationship “baggage” while Jay has been burned a lot. So I’m glad I know a lot about issues in relationships and men, and my knowledge has helped in keeping us together–especially during our week long road trip across country. I’ll tell you more about that later.