Mike J said,

October 4, 2007 @ 4:20 am

I need some help in shaving my peins and balls??? I’ve shaved before and there’s still hair the razor dosn’t pick up, and it always itches like right after I shave it. How do I get it to where it’s smoth, and I it’s not itchey????? What way should I shave it, and should I use a razor when I do it, or just use wax on it?????

Well Mike this is not some I have so much personal experience with but I did ask a few friends and I found most of what I’ve already written about shaving pussy also applies to mens’ penis and testicle shaving.

Shaving with the grain then against it gives you the closest shave – you will need to make several passes to get rid of all the hair.  You’ll want to soften the hair first by soaking in hot water and soap, then use a brand new safety razor.  I would recommend a good quality one, not a cheap disposable.

Some soothing after-shave cream – not lotion – can also help.  I say not lotion because some lotions will sting or irritate the balls.

Neither waxing nor electric seem good for the testicles but may work fine on the pubic area above your penis.