Often, I’ve thought of going beyond just being an adult webcam host, especially when I get too old for this (though places like ImLive have a category for the mature).

Sex work is really an exciting business. But personally, I think most women do it just for the money; I even heard of some women webcam hosts who cry and get offended when a guest calls them a slut. I feel like saying to these girls: ‘Uh, well dear…Let’s see now….You take all your clothes off in front of a camera, getting totally naked and doing explicit sex acts like masturbating to total strangers, most of whom you don’t even know what they look like. Newsflash babe: In the “real world”, most communities on this planet would define you as a slut. Accept that and deal with it.’

I have no problem AT ALL dealing with it. I’m one of those that have embraced the word slut to the point where I like it and I love being called one!

Getting back to what I was saying, I’ve thought a lot about branching out to other kinds of sex work. Nothing illegal, mind you; I certainly don’t want to live an uncomfortable life of constantly being paranoid of the law arresting me.

I have been thinking about doing sex toy parties. The only real problem I can see for me is that obviously I would need to know a lot of people to invite over my home for the parties. I just moved to Oregon, and it’s very hard for me to make friends anyway. Plus, I work at home on the computer so it’s not like I could invite all my co-workers over for a Tupperware sex toy party. But that kind of work does sound like fun and I know so much about sex toys anyway; I’d be a great hostess. Maybe I’ll work extra hard on finding friends.

I could begin by making more friends when I go on vacation! Jay and I are planning on going on a cruise from October 21-29. Jay tells me I should make some friends on the boat.

We were planning on going to a Halloween party that we were invited to by the instructor/manager of that sex workshop I went to-which is one the 29th, so we will miss that. We’ll be coming in late so we are definitely not going to that party. I really wanted to try and make friends there. Some of the party-goers could have been my potential sex toy party guests! At least they’re local. With this cruise, which we will be boarding in New Orleans, people are from everywhere. But as long as I make some friends, at least something good will come out of it.

I’ve thought about phone sex, but I do that now as part of my show at ImLive. Plus, I’ve read about it and it seems like it’s hard to make a living doing that. I must admit, it’s fairly easy making a living doing live adult webcam shows. The only negative is working so many bloody hours!

I would love to direct an X-rated film, but I hear it’s a very tight circle and really difficult to get into unless you produce the film on your own. Plus technically, it is illegal to make porn.

Well, I will continue to search for more fun things to do in the adult sex industry, and continue to network and hopefully make lots of kinky friends along the way.