Clothes to show off a shaved pussy

Everybody wants to shave their pussy, ok mine is shaved.  So now what?  Well time to show it off!

The pictures and descriptions below are from Wicked Temptations, one of my favorite clubwear shops.  They always have some great designs and the construction is fine, though sometimes the sizs are difficult.  The glossy items are quite a heavy plasticy fabric that isn’t suitable for all-day wear but is fine for a party, particularly at this time of year.

These eye-catching Hologram Pants are perfect for clubbing. Features Wicked Temptations’ super low “close shave” front and gathered “bunhugger” back. 33.95
How low do you dare to go? With a back rise of 7 1/2″ and a front rise of just 3″, the Close Shave Shorts work well poolside or as daring, seductive clubwear. 24.95
How low do you go? Our Close Shave Shorts can be worn as swimwear or daring clubwear.
– 2.5″ rise in the front.
– Low rise hipline.
– Gathered “bunhugger” behind.
– Stretch Matte.
– Made in the U.S.
Our sheer and sexy mesh shorts with bright contrast trim measure just 3″ at crotch. Wicked Temptations’ signature “close shave” design comes to a tempting V below the navel.
Final Sale-This item is not refundable or exchangeable.
These sexy short shorts features WT’s originial super low “close shaved” front and unique rear heart-shaped cut-out. 24.95
Glittering short-shorts with a sassy rear heart-shaped cutout. The front has Wicked Temptations’ signature “close shave” super-low cut.
Final Sale-This item is not refundable or exchangeable.
Matte vg-string.
– Silver clip accents.
– Close shave front.
– V shape back.
– Stretch matte.
– Made in the U.S.
Metallic ultimate v string.
– 1/2″ silver ring side accents.
– Close shave front.
– Stretch Liquid Metal.
– One size fits most.
– Made in the U.S.

Shaving my penis and balls

Mike J said,

October 4, 2007 @ 4:20 am

I need some help in shaving my peins and balls??? I’ve shaved before and there’s still hair the razor dosn’t pick up, and it always itches like right after I shave it. How do I get it to where it’s smoth, and I it’s not itchey????? What way should I shave it, and should I use a razor when I do it, or just use wax on it?????

Well Mike this is not some I have so much personal experience with but I did ask a few friends and I found most of what I’ve already written about shaving pussy also applies to mens’ penis and testicle shaving.

Shaving with the grain then against it gives you the closest shave – you will need to make several passes to get rid of all the hair.  You’ll want to soften the hair first by soaking in hot water and soap, then use a brand new safety razor.  I would recommend a good quality one, not a cheap disposable.

Some soothing after-shave cream – not lotion – can also help.  I say not lotion because some lotions will sting or irritate the balls.

Neither waxing nor electric seem good for the testicles but may work fine on the pubic area above your penis.

Pubic Hair Shaving for a 13 Year Old?

Thanks to Dawn for this question:

dawn said,

October 2, 2007 @ 4:18 am · Edit

not worried about “how”. i wnt to know if i *should*. my hair down there has just started growing. i am 13. should i shave it? will it be good for me or bad for me. all the girls i see in pictures have it shaved. i’m too shy to ask my mum but i did peek her in the shower and i think she is shaved. none of my friends in school have done it. i don’t have a boyfriend yet but if i do i don’t want him to think i’m strange. please help!!!

If you want to shave then that’s a good reason, I presume at 13 years old you don’t have a lot of pubic hair yet so it would be comparatively easy, and any re-grow itching would be less.  Just follow the advise I gave before.  Actually if you have very few hairs it might be worth trying to just pluck them.  When I was in school I knew a girl who just plucked her pussy hairs as they grew and eventually it killed the hair roots and now she is an adult she has hardly any hair on her pussy even when she doesn’t shave.

 An interesting solution but too late for the majority of us!  Though I do hear that if you wax regularly you get a similiar effect with a slight reduction in hairs growing back as basically each time a hair is pulled out there is a small chance that the root will be killed and it won’t grow back again.

If plucking hairs is painful then try fingering your clit at the same time, if you get excited then the sensation can become pleasurable instead of painful.

As for looking normal — well it is perfectly normal to have pubic hair, but then so is having hair on on mens’ chins and shaving that is “normal” as well.  So it’s what makes you happy.  I won’t be one to tell you not to shave for someone else (a future boyfriend) as I shave mostly for all my “temporary boyfriends” at my work!

I hope that helps, let me know what you decide to do!

The Business of Chat

It looks as though those of us who chat for business might even have a new line available, one were we get to keep out clothes on (if we so wish).  Retail online shops are finding that if customers can chat to someone at the shop in realtime, they don’t mention video, then this can help to make the sale.

See the story here.

Well we have always know that chatting is a way to make a sale!

Red bumps after shaving pubic hair

x-concerned-x said,

June 17, 2007 @ 8:00 am 

Hey paige, i shaved my pussy bout 5 days ago now and it was soo smooth for that day and i applied dove moisterisa on it after, the next day it started gettin bumpy and day after that my hair started cumin bak through so it’s bristly and i have bumps and sum red spots around, should i wait before i shave again, and is there anyway which i can stop this from happening??



Dear Concerned,

 Wait until all the bumps have gone before trying to shave again.  It may take a week.

Each time you shave the period of red bumps will get shorter, until finally it doesn’t happen. How long this will take of course depends on your individual skin, some people it is just two or three shaves — others may take several months.

 Watch out for any infection or wounds and apply an antiseptic cream if necessary to avoid any scaring.  You want your mound to have perfect skin when it’s bare!


Webcamming as a career

I’m compeletely happy with my position as a cam model; it’s a great job that gives me lots of flexibility and a decent income that comes from  truely helping other people.  All that said I know there are people who do not think the same way, what surprises me though is  people in the adult entertainment industry who look down on it.

Read this great take on the webcam model as job question from Tasty Trixie.

Pointed out by Adorable Audrey in her post Trixie on Camming as a Career.

Animated XXX rated Barbie dolls

I wrote before about the fact that imlive, where I work as as a webcam model, was starting to host porn stars as well.  Well they are still doing it, and now they are getting more famous names as well — even I, and I’m not a big fan of porn movies as such because they tend to be soooo fake, recognise the name of Tera Patrick.

I mean is this what we really want?  I think it’s really confusing the whole idea of having at-home real women do webcam shows where we can talk to our guests, get to know them and help to fulfil some of their fantasies.  That’s what webcam chat is all about really — it’s a middle position between being a stripper and being a psycoanalyst. 

Maybe it is in the same space as the barman used to serve society — at least in old movies. Someone to talk to your troubles about and just get it all out, then combine that with a fix for some of your urges (whether it’s the urge to drink or the urge to orgasm) and you have a winning combination.  Because it’s something that lots of people need, so there is going to be people who are willing to provide, in exchange for a fair renumeration.

So if that’s the webcam business, then what are porn stars doing in it?  Like animated XXX rated Barbie dolls, they might be twisted rolemodels or objects of desire.  But would you want to talk to one?  Or discuss your special fantasy with one?  I think not.


Great webcam sex work forum

If you haven’t seen it already you should read the forum mentioned here.  I’ve joined up and it seems a great resource both for chathosts and webcam models as well as for viewers of cam sites. They know all about and other cam sites so it’s really going to be great.  I just need to find time to read it between doing shows, and reading books, and making new friends — I mean the off-line type.

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Pussy Shaving Questions

I’m really on a shaving roll here, since I wrote about shaving my pussy for my work as a webcam model I get a lot of visitors to my blog from search engines, where they have been searching about pubic shaving.  It’s fascinating reading to know what people are interested in, so I thought I’d share a few of the more popular questions and my thoughts.

Let me know your thoughts too though, I’d really love to get your input!

I’ll try to separate these questions into common types under the old “how what why who when” system:


  • how to shave a pussy
  • how to shave pussy
  • how to shave your pussy
  • how to shave my pussy
  • how do i shave my pussy
  • how to shave the pussy
  • how to shave pussy hair
  • how shave pussy 

This is by far the most common, and I’ve answered that already here so I won’t repeat myself.

  • how to wax your pussy

I think the only answer that is go to a salon!  This is not something you can do yourself.



  • what is the best way to shave my pussy 

That’s like the above

  • what do girls like a shaved cock or a trimmed cock

Well there isn’t a good answer to that, every girl is different.  Personally I have no preference.  I do understand that a shaved cock might look bigger — some of the length of the penis is revealed from the undergrowth — so if you want to look as though you have a big dick then yes shaving may help.  But many guys don’t like the juvenile look — to me though when I see an erect penis I don’t think it can look juvenile!


  • what to shave pussy with
  • what to use to shave pussy

A wet razor will get the best results, new if possible (so disposable is ok, but only use it once).  Electric is ok for some people but it is never as smooth.


  • what is the sexiest way to shave you pussy

To have someone else shave it for you!  🙂


  • shaven or natural pussy what do guys prefer

Mostly they seem to prefer perfectly bald pussy, but a few very strongly feel that natural is best.  I have yet to meet any men who either didn’t care or thought trimmed was best.



  • why should i shave my pussy
  • why shave a pussy
  • why shave your pussy
  • why do woman shave their pussy
  • why do girls trim their pussy
  • why do girls shave their pussy

All variations on the same question, and I guess it’s mostly because it has become the norm these days.  If you look at any porn almost all the girls are shaved and so people associate that with sexy.  Of course this isn’t purely a 2000’s thing — even in antiquity (think Greek statues) women shaved.

  • why i don’t shave my pussy

Well, some people can’t stand the hassle, the itch (if you do, I don’t) and some have philosophical reasons against changing their body. 


  • problems when shaving pussy
  • should you shave your pussy when have sex

Ok a couple of odd ones here.  I’m not sure what problems you might have apart from not being able to shave perfectly or perhaps accidentally cutting yourself, that happens sometimes.  Clean yourself well and apply some cream suitable for minor cuts — making sure to keep it outside of course.

As for shaving while having sex, that sounds too scary for me!


  • who shaves your pussy
  • who can shave my pussy
  • who to shave your pussy

Who?  Well your partner is best!  If you have a best friend who likes that then by all means try it out though.


  • pictures of stars who shave pubes
  • celebrities who don’t shave their pubic hair

I think these are great questions and really show that there is an interest in unshaved, fully bush pubis as well.


Well, that’s the end of pussy shaving question time but I’d be really really interested to hear your thoughts too.  Let me know what you think on these questions!