It was so slow yesterday doing webcam work, I decided to make some changes, and it made a big difference!

#1. I dropped my price (I am still satisfied with my fee).

#2. I shaved my pubic hair!

After doing some research at the site and checking out other adult sites, it seems that most guys prefer a shaved vagina. I have shaved it before. I like both ways, but prefer unshaved because then I only have to shave my armpits and legs. But I must do what pays more!

Fortunately Jay loves both. I would hate to make drastic changes on my body for work purposes but it turns him off.

I actually made my personal quota today! YAY! I really think this is going to work (no pun intended!). I can’t believe I’m making so much money and I’m just getting started! I never would have thought a person could really make good money on the Internet. There are so many scams out there. 

Well, I should knock on wood until I get paid! lol!

My online reading group membership is going OK. There are 10 members so far. There is one group in my book club category that has over 200 members; that group gets most of the new members. They have been around for at least a year. I have tried my best to make my group exciting and a lot of fun. I hope one day to have the largest online reading group in my category.