My cats have been using the carpet as a litter box since late last night! It continued in the morning. I have spent some time now–very late last night and very early this morning–cleaning it up real well to keep the apartment from stinking.

Jay and I thought that maybe it’s because I now spend all day in my office–closed–away from them doing my work. They are still kittens and maybe they feel like they are being punished, so they vent…. Before my adult webcam gig, I would spend most of the day with them.

Well, later today I found out what may have been the problem. I went to their litter box and opened up the top and the urine smell was strong! Cats like to do their business in a nice smelling area. This may have been the problem.

I usually am up on cleaning their litter box regularly but with getting my new job this week and also becoming a moderator for this online reading group, I have been so busy that I have neglected my kitties a bit. I feel pretty bad about it, especially after yelling at them for crapping and peeing on the carpet. So I cleaned their litter box throughly. I hope this was the problem!

Also, one of my kitten’s is ill now; he has a bad cold. This morning he didn’t eat a thing, but in the afternoon he did eat a little. I hope he gets better soon. Poor thing.

Now for the good news: After being bummed out because I haven’t seen an increase in membership at my book club in days, I just checked now and saw another member has joined. YAY! That made my day so far.