I am pretty much a loner, spending all my time online and offline with people and boyfriend who knows I am an adult webcam model and don’t judge me.

But Jay suggested it would be healthy if I also made “mainstream” friendships. So that’s why I started trying this weekend.

The one I spent a lot of time in my Sex and the City group–who was very free-spirited sexually in the 60’s who is now about 60–seemed to take interest in my job as a counselor online (that’s what I told them I do for a living, which is partially true. I do counsel if guests want that–I’m a real experienced counselor, but of course
mainly strip/masturbate on cam). As I said, we hit it off great, hanging out long after everyone else left the restaurant.

We then emailed each other daily, and she wanted to know EXACTLY where online I worked. So I figured I should tell her. I don’t want to lie and I don’t want to lead a secret life. I emailed her back yesterday morning telling all…I have not heard from her since.
Maybe she’s busy, but I don’t think so.

If I don’t hear from her in a positive way, I will no longer contact the rest of the group for another meet, since I feel she was the most open-minded one; the others are probably worse! Anyway, I just don’t want to go through the “hit and miss”, in finding out who will damn me and who wouldn’t.

I am extremely comfortable being a sex worker and any mainstreamer who doesn’t want to be my friend because of what I do, fuck them!

I want to go on making friends with the acquaintance adult workers I have met recently. Make real friends with them and through them, meet their mainstream friends so then I KNOW they will accept me and not judge since they have already been “screened”.