I only use vibrators in my sex shows, because they are nice and smooth, easy on the pussy. I never turn it on because the vibrations de-sensitizes my pussy and makes me need to a more strong vibration to get an orgasm. So I just use it as a dildo.

I don’t use dildos because I find them to be too coarse on the skin of my pussy. It makes me sore easily. I don’t want to use much lube, not any actually; guests can certainly understand  the need for lube doing anal, but whipping out lube for your pussy…They’ll wonder how come your pussy isn’t naturally wet. It is–very wet–most of the time.

But times when I’m not as wet, I am thankful that I’m not using the coarseness of a typical dildo.

But I’ve recently discovered glass dildos! They are beautiful–nice and smooth. I may get a couple!