As I mentioned in an earlier post. I have claimed the term “slut” as a positive, and going beyond simply not mind being called one, but also loving to be called a slut.

There are other terms that are considered insulting to sex workers, but many sex worker women have embraced.

Another word is cunt. Some feminists had even embraced this word. I love the word cunt too. For me, it not only sounds strong, but hot and sexy too. This is also I word I have embraced. Grand dame sexpert, Betty Dodson, who is 77 this year, wrote the forward to the book, Cunt.

And another word of endearment to some sex workers is whore. I’m not crazy about this word for some reason, but it doesn’t bother me to be called that. But more and more, I’m liking the word whore.

For now, my favorite is slut.