No, the title doesn’t suggest I had record-breaking traffic webcamming today! lol!  It’s sort of a holiday in a few cities in the United States, celebrated on the third Saturday of October.

And talk about excellent timing! I just realized this morning that Jay and I will be going on vacation the same day of Sweetest Day! How apropos! So romantic. Most areas in the U.S. don’t celebrate it. It’s very big in Detroit, my hometown. Apparently Sweetest Day is huge in Buffalo, NY but in Manhattan it’s hardly known. When I lived in Manhattan I found only a couple places that had Sweetest Day cards. Jay has never heard of it, but he isn’t a real romantic type anyway.

Sweetest Day is very similar to Valentine’s Day, so I guess that’s why it never really took off in the U.S. But I grew up knowing about it and try to still celebrate it regardless of the lack of popularity it is in other cities. As long as I have a boyfriend, I celebrate it!

I need to go shopping for a few nice dresses for the cruise vacation. I have enough slacks, so I want to get some long sun dresses. It will be warm.

Neither of us has ever been on a cruise. Jay said they serve food 4-5 times a day! I’m still trying to lose weight! 🙁  I must have discipline. 

Our cabin will be on top overlooking the best view. I can’t wait. But I think I’ll still miss doing my adult cam work while on the ship. I think I love my job too much!

I do have a lot of regulars now, and of course I’ll let them know I’ll be on vacation–I’ve already told some guests. I don’t think I’ll lose anyone.