I do surveys online for money or other gifts. I answer surveys and accumulate points. At certain levels of points I can then apply them toward the gift.

I just accumulated points from one survey to get a $10.00 gift certificate from Amazon.com. I used it yesterday to get the book Videohound; it only cost me 10 bucks, including shipping. I saved about $16.00.

I’ve also been getting lots of chick lit books from Amazon–used books from independent dealers. The books only costing me a penny! Plus, about 3 bucks shipping.

I’m planning on subscribing to the Playboy Channel on November 1st. I’ve been doing so well as an adult cam host that I think I’ll treat myself to it. Plus, it’s educational for my sex work….Oh how I’ve missed knowing what’s going on in the porn industry via Playboy TV!

My sex workshop is tonight! It’s at an adult book store, so maybe while I’m there, I’ll pick something up, like a sex novelty item. I love decorating my office room with those things. I have a “cock” phone that’s functional. The phone’s ring sound is a voice of a moaning woman having sex! I got that online at AdamEve.com (They say August is National Anal Sex Month).  I also have this adorable little guy’s toy of this woman with flesh-like skin bent over doggie-style with her mouth, pussy and ass open. She’s hot! I have her just for decoration. Jay saw it and was so amused by her that he stuck his finger deep in her ass and it tore a little! (It’s really too small for cocks, and I just wanted it as a display.) Well, at least she’s been “broken in!”

I’m getting so much cool stuff these days; it feels like Christmas already!