We have two TV’s in the apartment: one in the living room, and the other was in the master bedroom, but Jay and I decided to put the one in the bedroom, in the office where I do my live adult shows. I’m there most of my waking days so it’s nice having a TV in the office so I can watch it during slow times at ImLive.

We very rarely watched TV in the master bedroom; we read instead.

Tonight, the next season of Real World (in Denver) begins! It starts at 8:00pm with consecutive re-runs. I will watch it at 10:00 because–I can’t believe it!–at 8:00 tonight Madonna has a LIVE concert from London!! Madonna: The Confessions Tour.

Unfortunately, I’ve never been to any of Madonna’s concerts, but this will be my second time I will see her live on TV. I guess I could still go to one of her concerts if she doesn’t retire soon, but her best performance shows are now in the past since she’s not as risqué anymore.

Damn! I see America’s Next Top Model is also coming on at 8:00. Oh well, watching the Madonna concert tonight is more important to me.

It’s been kind of slow this week at ImLive. I have been barely making my personal daily quota, or have been just short of making it, which isn’t too bad considering this is a big holiday week for us Americans.

But since it’s been slow, I’ve decided to work tomorrow morning. I want to work just in the morning, figuring that Jay should be sleeping since he has the day off and I can make some money while he’s still asleep. Unfortunately, where I work is in the second bedroom, right next to the master bedroom, where Jay and I sleep; I have to be somewhat quiet with my moaning and groaning tomorrow so not to wake him.

Jay went Thanksgiving shopping last weekend Saturday while I worked. For me, there’s Tofurky since I’m a vegetarian. For Jay, there’s a turkey. For both of us, we have cranberry, veg stuffing, potatoes, rolls, and veg gravy. For drinks, we have the Mexican “eggnog” adult beverage! I hate regular eggnog; it taste nasty! The vegetarian Silknog tastes great. I’ll buy that when it comes out.

Neither of us got any dessert for some strange reason. We are not big sweets eaters, but for special occasions we sometimes get something. Funny, so far we haven’t even discussed whether to get dessert or not.

The Thanksgiving party at ImLive starts tomorrow. We just got notice about it early today, so I had to make a mad dash out to get proper items. I love the parties!

Because it’s been so slow, I plan on also working Saturday again. I do want to stay in Hall of Fame, but I try not to let it really get to me. I don’t want to be the type where it’s so important that everything else in life is ignored, and it’s all about staying online all the time, doing lots of all-nighters just to stay in HOF. The most important thing is making enough to pay all my bills, the rent, and have a little extra “mad money” to spend as I please. If I happen to make HOF that’s gravy; VERY NICE but not necessary to me.

Our cats are driving us crazy! They are chewing on newspapers and ANYTHING that dangles. We should have not bought these toys that hang from doorknobs so now they attack anything that hangs down from tables or in closets–like belts, or string ties on some of my “slut” clothes lingerie I wear for work. They know how to open the closet and go in there sometimes. They were so good as little kittens. Jay and I will both be so happy when Jesper and Pippi are old and senile and spend most of their time in a corner somewhere sleeping.