The subject of make-up came up at Mistress Matisse’s blog, which reminded me of a subject I’ve been wanting to talk about.

I know this goes back to the old, old days when the only concern for women was in looking their best for their male lovers. I think this is one of the reasons why women are continually so insecure about their looks.

I brought this subject up once here, so I will continue.

Wearing make-up is, by far, the most obvious proof of how insecure women are. Second being chronic dieting, but at least in dieting it does makes sense because having the proper weight with one’s height is important in keeping a healthy body. Getting boob jobs would probably come in third (Many guys reveal their insecurities about having a small penis, but they DO learn to live with it, with very very few resorting to doing something stupid like having surgery to get a larger penis, the way so many women do regarding breast implants).

Women are always obsessed with looks. Wearing make-up hides the way one really looks, and shouldn’t the focus be on natural facial treatments and exercises to look good, youthful and gorgeous facially and not by hiding it under make-up?

Actually, make-up is not healthy for the skin. It blocks pores and could cause eye and skin irritation.

I think guys would rather see the real person and not someone hiding their face behind make-up because they are too afraid of showing others what they really look like. Some women even sleep in their make-up!

The markets have tried to push make-up for men, and it never took off. Guys that are concerned about looks simply exercise and and sometimes use facial skin care products to help their skin stay healthy and look good. They get at the source of the issue, and then proudly expose their face in public sans make-up. Guys are very secure about their looks.

Women should be that way too.