Josey Vogel’s article, Sexual Achievements, is pretty interesting. Here are my thoughts on some of the topics:

Global Peace….I will definitely be masturbating on Friday, December 22–Global Orgasm Day. Besides, that’s a given since I will be online doing adult webcam shows. I work on weekdays and sometimes on weekends.

Virtual sex is just another hobby like any other one, and it’s not much different from live strip shows offline. There, you can look but can’t touch also (although the offline strippers can touch you). Just because it has something to do with SEX, people get all bent out of shape. Go figure. Some people send their money gambling. Some people spend their money playing sports. Some spend their money traveling. And some spend money going to sex websites. To each their own.

Sex toys being the new status symbol! Ha-ha! This I like. I wouldn’t pay $300.00 on a sex toy–not even $100.00, and I only use them for professionally, but I love the idea of sex toys being a status symbol. Vogel’s thought was great about stars carrying their sex toys in expensive pouches on the red carpet. Celebrities don’t have any problem mentioning in public interviews that they go to sex shops to purchase toys.

Maybe Feminism and porn can be friends, but still the thought sounds scary considering how Feminism is traditionally the way I know it. That has to be handled very carefully for the two to be in sync.

I agree with the kids and porn statement….Again, because it’s about sex people get crazy and panic. It’s just another warning to give to kids like not to do drugs or go with strangers.

Dirty vaginas….Actually, you can keep a pussy too clean. It’s not healthy to constantly wash the vagina many times during the day. The vaginal tissues are delicate and could cause irritation, soreness and dryness, denying the pussy of it’s natural oils to keep it nice and lubricated. It’s like taking too many baths daily or washing your hair several times a day. Not good.

Ooo-wee! How I LOVE those pantyless female celebs! Jay gets the offline Playboy magazine free many times and let’s me read it. I enjoy checking out near the back of the magazine where celebrities are photographed wearing see-through clothes, a breast or nipple accidentally exposed, or them wearing very skimpy clothing. Going pantyless feels so good!

I haven’t seen the film, Shortbus, but I want to; I’ve heard great things about it. And if it’s about New Yorkers–especially freaky New Yorkers–it must be a great film!

I used to buy Playgirl magazine ages ago. Maybe I should pick up a copy one day soon. I’m sure a lot has changed for the better as Vogel mentioned. By the way, do you know what group reads Playgirl the most? GAY MEN. Generally speaking, looking at porn is still just not a female thing.

Vogel says the US is the most messed up about sex. I totally disagree. Obviously she hasn’t been doing much traveling in third world countries. Some countries will literally stone a woman for wearing a tube top and shorts. Some places strictly forbid unmarried people to sleep together–even some hotels. When you go to places like that, one must obey the country’s religious/societal views.

There are SO MANY sexperts in the world, including Yours Truly. It’s impossible to say who’s the best sexpert. Plus, it can be subjective.