It seems like ImLive is overloading on features these days.

Now, there will be a regular adult celebrity chat for guests there to see and chat with. She appeared from her home. I missed watching it but I hope there will be a tape of that video show somewhere to be found at ImLive. I hope this feature really does boost traffic business for us hosts, and not just bring traffic to her.

Also, ImLive now has this Keyhole feature where it’s optional for hosts to be seen as soon as our cam is on!, regardless of whether or not we are in a paid video session show. It’s sort of like reality TV. Guests get to see us at all times for as long as they want (but there is a fee for using this feature). I really like this!

My first day of the year working was just yesterday. I still have my cold a little. Coming back to work after missing many days feels strange. Like for some reason, I want to go slow with the first guests. Like someone who chats briefly in free chat; he doesn’t want to pay now but just browsing. Then the second one doing a show but a very easy guest to please….Sort of easing into my sex show routine.

Tomorrow is the first Sex and the City meet! I can’t wait! By the way, now only four people will be there. I emailed everyone yesterday, saying I am planning on making reservations on Friday for us five….mentioning again the place, address, day and time. I immediately got an email from one in the group. Before I opened the email, I just knew it was probably going to be another no-show. It was. Apparently she thought the get-together would be on Sunday. She said she doesn’t know how she made that mistake (neither do I; I mentioned it being on Saturday at least twice in emails to all in the group). She said she would be working, but if we ever plan to do anything on a Sunday, to let her know. So I guess she couldn’t make it at any time during the day on Saturday.

So now, out of the original eight, four plan to show up. I thought it would be about half or less to show. One I have not corresponded with yet. She is a friend of one who can’t make it. I told her she could give her friend my email address and phone number in case her friend wants to contact me directly, but so far I haven’t heard from her friend, although the one in the group said her friend most likely will be there….Well, I’ll find out tomorrow I guess.

I think I’ll just go back to making new friends the old-fashioned way: By meeting and chatting with people you meet at concerts, workshops, malls, etc. That way the first meet is immediately, and I won’t have to go through the trouble of placing ads, and seeing people drop out because of all sorts of excuses. Most people of course make friend via their jobs, but with the job I have, that’s a bit difficult, especially since hosts live all over the world, and I don’t know any personally who live in Oregon.

I will let you all know how the meet turns out.