HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! New Year’s was pretty quiet for me. Jay and I both have a cold and I started my period today! Maybe this is a good omen that 2007 will be awesome for us; I hope so, and I hope the New Year will be fantastic for you too.

In the past, mentioned briefly about my Sex and the City Group. Here is an update:

Originally, 8 women were going to be at the get-together coming up soon. Now there are 5 that are planning to show up so far.

One canceled because she has a class, but could be there an hour or so later after her class ends. Another has other plans, but her friend is still planning on coming (I had already added the friend in the original 8). And the last one to drop out was strange. She said she won’t be able to make it this Saturday because her “family is around and they were spending Saturday together doing yoga and drinking wine after-wards.” Then she said, “Thanks for keeping in touch but I am also going to bail out the idea of getting together. I like your posting and your idea of meeting women for get togethers and friendship but at this point in my life, I’m looking for women who and I can bike, hike and board with. Have a wonderful Saturday….”

First of all, the meeting was not this past weekend. I told everyone, including her, at least twice in my emails the exact date and time of our meeting.

Second, she never asked if I like to do those activities and I have never given anyone’s phone numbers or addresses to contact each other so she doesn’t know what they like either as I mentioned in my response email:

“The meet wasn’t this week; I stated it was after the holidays, mentioning the exact date, but it doesn’t matter anyway since you’re not interested.

Also, others might be interested in doing the things you like. I like hiking.

Anyway, thanks for letting me know you won’t be attending….”

She didn’t reply again, which is fine with me. I would not invite her now anyway.

Even if none of us were interested in her favorite activities, and she knew that beforehand as she assumed,  why did she respond to my ad in the first place? Also telling me just a couple days before her last email that she would be coming when I asked her again (I had not heard from her since her very first email so I asked her nicely if she was still planning on attending; all others had continued to email me on a regular basis. She said to still count her in.)

Apparently, she just got so excited about my ad and replied to a general invitation that she really had no intention of coming to. Weird chick!

I just hope I’m not the only one who will show up.