Things are coming along swimmingly regarding getting enough to fill the apartment with the appropriate decorations.

My apartment theme is Travel. Jay suggested it and it’s a brilliant theme!

We got a beautiful world globe that is very apropos to the decor. Jay and I have been visiting resale stores like crazy, picking up all sorts of ethnic decorations representing: Asia, Native America, Philippines, Mexico, Australia, Costa Rica, Jamaica, Amsterdam (of course, some things from our own travels)…In the forms of vases, pictures, other wall hangings, candles, bowls, and esoteric, cool-looking things. It’s looking very sophisticated in our apartment. We love it!

Now, all I need to do is update my Travel scrapbook. I still haven’t updated it since we came back from the cruise vacation, visiting Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Costa Maya and Cozumel–all places that I got something from to add to my scrapbook.

Keeping a scrapbook is more fun than a diary; that old adage is true: ‘A picture is worth a thousand words.’