Where I work as adult cam host, at ImLive, they have these theme parties every Friday. It’s so much fun participating in them! I think ImLive is the only place where there are weekly theme parties.

Today’s theme is the 60’s. I had a nice theme pic, but unfortunately it didn’t do much regarding traffic. Traffic was a bit slow today–but maybe it’ll get busier later. I can’t really complain though; I’ve had a great week!

Also, by participating in the theme party, it gives you more exposure (no pun intended) on the website.

I’m sure they’ll do a Halloween theme–and I’ve already got my items for that….

I don’t like working weekends; I’d rather use that time to spend with Jay and the cats, but that’s the problem with being self-employed, and loving what you do for a living: It’s very easy to become a workaholic. After all, there is no boss breathing down your neck telling you to go home because there is no overtime pay, or you’ve used up the overtime pay! I want to work tomorrow, but I shouldn’t….But the money would be nice….Sigh, decisions, decisions!