I have never traveled so far before in my life. I used to live in Detroit, MI, then moved out on my own to New York City. That was only a 600 mile journey.

I really loved living on the east coast. But sometimes you can’t always have what you want, and even though I wish I still lived in the east coast, I know that I should be here–in Oregon.

Oregon is a nice place. I love all the “greens”: All the trees, grass. The parks look nice; I can’t wait to check out the two big parks I live near. For me, parks are a nice home away from home. The only green found in New York City is Central Park and in upper Manhattan–Inwood.

People love to read here, and there are great bookstores in Oregon. I did my homework investigating here before my move. I had a lot to learn, and I like it more than I thought. Jay thought I would.

I think NY is really the best place to live–for me anyway. In my opinion, it is the greatest place in the world! But I think Oregon is a close second.