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Author: Paige

Yesterday’s Discoveries

I did some research on blog themes and found this cool one called Delicate Dreams . It’s gorgeous! I was right. The reason my cats did their business outside the box was because their box was so smelly. I don’t get...

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What a Day! :( and What Made My Day! :)

My cats have been using the carpet as a litter box since late last night! It continued in the morning. I have spent some time now–very late last night and very early this morning–cleaning it up real well to keep the...

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Changes Made at Work

It was so slow yesterday doing webcam work, I decided to make some changes, and it made a big difference! #1. I dropped my price (I am still satisfied with my fee). #2. I shaved my pubic hair! After doing some research at the...

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Webcam Work

Wow! Today is so slow at work! I guess I should take more photos of myself as I wait for more traffic. I want to make my pictures look really professional. I just put in some fluorescent lights; in my opinion, I think they are...

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East Coast to West Coast

I have never traveled so far before in my life. I used to live in Detroit, MI, then moved out on my own to New York City. That was only a 600 mile journey. I really loved living on the east coast. But sometimes you can’t...

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